How to spot a fake NuFACE Trinity

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How to spot a fake NuFACE Trinity
How to spot a fake NuFACE TrinityCounterfeit beauty technology is on the rise, with many fake devices appearing on online market places, rogue websites and social media. Many customers are attracted to the low price points of these products, misled into thinking that they are buying a genuine product. Using unauthorised and untested technology can be extremely dangerous to your health. What's more, purchasing through unofficial sites could also compromise your financial and personal details, with no product warranties or guarantees. Here at CurrentBody, we are proud to be official and authorised distributors of NuFACE products. To make sure you're always purchasing a genuine device, we have drawn together a short guide on how to spot the difference between a real NuFACE Trinity and a fake NuFACE Trinity.

Authorised retailers

The easiest way to tell that you're purchasing a genuine NuFACE device or attachment is to always choose an authorised retailer. We are proud to be part of the official list on the NuFACE website.

Beware of Trinity "PRO"

Many fake NuFACE Trinity devices online come with the branding “NuFACE Trinity/PRO”. The PRO device is solely available through professional salons and in very limited areas across the world. These retailers rarely operate through third-party sites and those found available online are likely to be counterfeit. CurrentBody - How to spot a fake NuFACE Trinity

Quality Construction

Authentic NuFACE devices will always have an integrated control panel with sturdy control buttons. Fake devices may have a sticker display, be flimsy to touch and are often lighter in weight. CurrentBody - How to spot a fake NuFACE TrinityWhat's more the charging plates at the base of the device should always be straight. Any misalignment could suggest that the product has not been manufactured by NuFACE. CurrentBody - How to spot a fake NuFACE TrinityWe have also noticed that fake NuFACE Trinity devices will often have small screws with a space around the edge. Genuine devices will always be safely secured with fixings that are flush to the body construction. CurrentBody - How to spot a fake NuFACE TrinityRight Texture If the texture on the grey coating is smooth, it's probably a fake device. Genuine NuFACE devices will have a slightly rough texture to ensure you're getting a firm grip when using them. CurrentBody - How to spot a fake NuFACE TrinityNuFACE are industry experts in microcurrent and anti-ageing technology, and have spent many years honing their devices to make sure you're always getting the most effective treatment possible. Our product experts are always on hand to make sure you're getting the most out of your NuFACE Trinity and choosing the packages that will work best for you.


If you notice a strong sensation from the device you have been using and/or twitching of the facial muscles then this is a sure sign it is a fake. With a genuine NuFACE you should feel little or no sensation as microcurrent penetrates the skin cells. Fake NuFACE Trinity devices use Electrical Muscle Stimulation which works on the surface of the skin and not only is not as effective but can cause this strong twitching sensation on higher levels. Please be aware that if you purchase NuFACE from any unauthorised site, the product you receive may be counterfeit, defective and potentially harmful to use. As official retailers, we are unable to take responsibility for the warranty and guarantee of any products that are not purchased through our site.
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