What a Game Boy and an LED Mask have in common

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What a Game Boy and an LED Mask have in common

The below article was written by Rich from @theskincarestooge for CURRENTBODY. If you have any questions about any of the information or products included, please get in touch with our Beauty Device Experts.

You know when a toy or tech device captures the imagination of a generation – the Game Boy, Walkman, Barbie mansion (with the lift), electric can opener – well, the CURRENTBODY skin LED Mask has to be the current, must-have, most desired beauty accessory for all us beauty buffs. Promising proven results from the comfort of our own homes, this truly has the I-need-that-now-factor.

I’ve been an LED fan for about 6 months now & love my DG mask, but I’ve been hankering after a more flexible, portable option, so I jumped at the chance to try CURRENTBODY's multi-award winning and clinically backed (red & near infrared) offering (which was kindly gifted to me!).

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For me LED isn’t about extreme skin makeovers, you aren’t going to look like you’ve stepped off Harley street after you've used one - the results come with patience and with time *in my best teachers voice* you must commit and be consistent.

What it is about though is skin health - with daily use (just 10 minute treatments) my skin is visibly calmer, less red, less reactive, and even feels stronger. Of course I still have my wrinkles, but my skin feels more resilient somehow, while break outs (when used with an anti-bacterial spray) are significantly reduced! In fact, the odd one that does manage to sneak through also heals considerably faster!

So, what are the pros and cons?


  • Calmer, stronger, happier skin
  • Fights inflammation, reducing breakouts and healing them faster
  • Results get better over time!
  • Locks in important pampering me-time
  • I combine with mindful breathing and both have become a positive daily habit
  • Fully portable so perfect for travelling


  • Really just initial outlay - but price per use quickly makes it a great long term investment, and it’s currently discounted!
  • Also doesn’t meet unrealistic expectations – this isn’t surgery so results are definitely there but subtle

But like martinis, this LED Mask will be in my life forever! I’m officially obsessed. I also have to big up CURRENTBODY's customer service which is truly top notch.

Want to try it for yourself? Shop the CURRENTBODY skin LED Light Therapy Mask here. And if you've got any questions about the mask or any of our devices, you can get in touch with our Beauty Device Experts.

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