How to get the most out of your NuFACE device

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How to get the most out of your NuFACE device

NuFACE is renowned all over the world as one of the most effective anti-ageing solutions on the market. Using microcurrent technology, their bestselling Trinity and Mini devices tone and tighten complexions, stop signs of ageing and blast fine lines and wrinkles - in just 5 minutes.

Whether you’re looking to improve facial contour, or simply smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, getting the right technique is essential however. So, in this blog, we’ve broken down the NuFACE routine into simple steps, giving you the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of your device - every time.


Create the ultimate blank canvas for your at-home facial by ensuring your skin is thoroughly cleansed. For best results, we recommend a deep clean with one of our facial cleansing devices, such as the Clarisonic Mia Smart, which cleanses your skin up to 6 times more effectively than hands alone.

Following this, keep your skin feeling pampered with the NuFACE Prep-n-Glow Cloths. These hypoallergenic accessories are packed full of anti-ageing ingredients to help smooth and brighten your complexion to enhance your natural glow.

"There are many microcurrent devices out there but I think the NuFace is one of the best." Tracey, CURRENTBODY Customer


Next, prep your skin for your microcurrent treatment. It's important to use a conductive gel - we recommend NuFACE's Gel Primers - before microcurrent treatment to ensure optimum conductivity and enhance your facial.

Enriched with Peptides and brightening ingredients, NuFACE's Gold Gel Primer encourages your skin to naturally tighten and tone, while enhancing elasticity.

Apply a pea-sized amount of gel to one section of the skin at a time. This makes sure the gel won’t dry out during your treatment. Your skin should appear wet and the device should be able to glide easily, without tugging or pulling at the skin.

Maximise Your NuFACE Mini


Start by splitting your face up into 3 sections - neck, cheek and forehead. Then split these into 3 sections - lower, middle and higher. Begin on your neck, gliding the device over the 3 sections and repeating 3 times. Then move to your cheeks, and then forehead - repeating the movements.

Each motion should gently lift the skin, sculpting the specific section of your face. Make sure both spheres are always touching the skin to ensure that the microcurrent diffuses fully into the muscle tissue. Continue gliding in each section until you hear the beep, using a light to medium pressure. Once you have finished each section, apply the gel to the next quadrant of the face before resuming your treatment.

"After only 3 weeks I've noticed a difference, my face is smoother and plumped." Sue, CURRENTBODY Customer

For more best practice advice, watch this simple tutorial from NuFACE to perfect your technique, creating the perfect everyday facial.

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