The Truth About Clarisonic Alternatives

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The Truth About Clarisonic Alternatives

I've been noticing a lot of talk about alternatives to the Clarisonic recently. Of course, as with any product that takes a fair amount of investment, people are always going to look for a quick fix hoping for the same results.

The Truth About Clarisonic Alternatives

The thing is, with Clarisonic it just isn't that simple!

Many products that put themselves out there as being just like Clarisonic but for less, can be fibbing a bit - and you end up with something which isn't at all what you hoped for, doesn't last as long and could even be doing your skin more harm than good. Exfoliation isn't something to be messed with. Don't get me wrong, it's essential for removing the day's grime - but I've never been convinced by those gritty little bits in face washes promising to somehow unearth a fresh new canvas of baby soft skin. The whole point of the Clarisonic, is that it has innovatively diverted exfoliation and cleansing away from anything that could even be whispered in the same sentence as the word 'scrub'.

They may look similar, but a lot of the cheaper devices available on the market at the moment operate in a completely different way to the Clarisonic, many even using spinning/rotating brushes - abrasive friction which to be honest seems a bit like sanding down your face. I've got a friend who does a rather unnerving performance with an angle grinder on Saturday nights - same sort of vibe. By contrast, the Clarisonic vibrates at a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, gently loosening dirt and debris from pores and away from your skin. Yep - there's real reasons behind why it's 6x better than manual cleansing, as well as why it's gentle enough to use up to twice a day - gone are the days of dermatologists wagging their fingers warning you not to exfoliate more than once a week.

The Truth About Clarisonic Alternatives

Bottom line is - sometimes you get what you pay for. I often argue with my friends that I'd rather shell out a bit more for a couple of high-quality clothing buys a season than loads of cheap fashion garb - purchases that I've decided are really worthwhile and that I know that will stand the test of time. Of course, they're free to plunder the high street every other week as they wish - but they shouldn't expect any pity from me when their skirt splits down the back on a night out!

Carefully designed, painstakingly researched and supported by thousands of success stories worldwide - Clarisonic is your skin's investment piece. The others are just cashing in on the trend without really putting in the effort.

Oh and one other thing - watch out for fakes claiming to be the real thing!
Avoid any nasty surprises and get your Clarisonic from a trusted, authorised UK retailer like CurrentBody.

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