Introducing... HairMax!

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Introducing... HairMax!

Let’s talk about hair loss.

The figures suggest that up to 80% of men will have experienced it by age 80, and that hair loss will also affect roughly 50% of women too.

Unless you’re a fanatical hat aficionado, hair loss is something which no person, male or female, looks upon with much enthusiasm. Astonishingly, 47% of hair loss sufferers stated that they would spend their entire life savings in return for a full head of hair, and 60% would rather have more hair than have friends!

Hair loss is nothing that anyone should be ashamed of, but all this just goes to show that if your hair is important to you, that’s nothing to be ashamed of either. You’re not alone – and it’s no longer something you have to put up with.

With some incredible, clinically proven at home treatments now available, thankfully you need not spend your life savings (or disown your friends either) to regain some life in your tresses! Let’s take a look…

  • Clinically proven
HairMax LaserCombs are the only medical devices cleared by the FDA for home use. That's down to tests by 460 people, across 7 different studies, with no adverse side effects ever reported – woah!
  • Decreased hair fallout, increased hair growth
Clinical studies showed a 20% increase in hair growth density and 29 hair per cm increase after 26 weeks of HairMax laser hair growth treatment - can't argue with that! Participants also reported more manageability of hair and overall better quality and condition of their hair - a true all-rounder.
  • Quick & easy

The HairMax Professional 12 LaserComb will give you great results with only 7 minutes of use for 3 days a week! For those of you who are marginally less challenged for time, the HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb can be used 3 days a week for only 15 minutes per day – both options saving you time and money on expensive trips to a clinic. Incredibly easy to use too with a vibrating timer (plus beep on the Professional 12) to tell you when to move on to the next spot.

Unbelievably convenient, wonderfully discreet, delivering fantastic, clinically proven results. With a 5 month trial guarantee on both HairMax LaserCombs bought from, you’ve got nothing to lose either - don't give worries about hair loss another second of your precious time!

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