Miranda Kerr's Bridal Beauty Look

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Miranda Kerr's Bridal Beauty Look

Microcurrent facials are on the rise. Over the past few months, we’ve seen natural cosmetic solutions gain popularity, boosting muscle tone and rejuvenate the skin by reducing visible signs of ageing.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr recently married Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. As part of her preparations leading up to the big day, she filmed her wedding day beauty ritual for Vogue.

Miranda breaks down her full look in the video, starting with a personalised facial before applying make-up. It all begins with a personalised facial toning session to give herself an even complexion and to fully prepare the skin.

“Once my face is cleansed I get a mist all over – the Kora Organics Balancing Mist is so beautiful. The mist serves as a dual purpose because I use it with my NuFACE, which is a lifting machine. It needs be activated with water or gel.”

With delicate upward motions, Miranda glides the NuFACE Trinity device over her jawline to tone her facial contour as well as lifting under her brows. She completes this stage of her routine by nourishing the skin with a hydrating moisturiser.

NuFACE channels microcurrent technology, sending gentle waves through the skin to penetrate deep into the facial muscles. The NuFACE Trinity takes this one step further with interchangeable heads to customise your treatment, specifically targeting wrinkles, hooded eyes, crow’s feet and eyebrow furrows. It’s often described as a facial workout or gym session, as you begin to reap long lasting results when you tone your muscles daily. This particular device has earned itself amazing press and rave reviews, with 85% of users experiencing improved facial contour in just 60 days.

There you have it – a simple 5-minute addition to your skincare routine that helps to tone and lift your face. If it’s one of Miranda’s beauty secrets, it must be worth a try.

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