Dr. Goldfaden on Skincare

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Dr. Goldfaden on Skincare

As part of our journey into the world of beauty technology as product specialists, we have had the opportunity to partner with pioneers in the wider industry. From time to time, we'll find a brand that helps to supercharge your technology with a customised skincare routine.

Goldfaden MD is one of those brands. Focusing on natural skincare and formulas enriched with soothing botanical extracts, each product in their range detoxes and purifies your skin. It's the ideal way to complete a thorough facial cleansing routine in style.

Following on from our earlier post, we spoke to Dr. Goldfaden on changing approaches to beauty, contemporary skincare and how to supercharge your daily routine.

How does Goldfaden MD stand out in the beauty world?

It’s the first physician-strength natural skincare line developed by dermatologists. Our highly efficacious, non-prescription skincare solutions utilize state-of-the-art technologies with active plant cells and anti-oxidant rich botanicals. We have 45 years’ experience in dermatology and scientific research. When combined with our specialized and organic treatment complexes, it really sets our product range apart from the rest of the marketplace. Goldfaden MD has always paired scientific results-driven treatment with plant actives, bridging the gap between medicine and natural beauty.

Based on your experience, how have opinions on skincare changed over time?

Our products were born out of problem-solving for our patients. When I began practicing in the late 60s, the anti-ageing movement hadn’t really begun on a medical level. Most patients sought in-office procedures as the first line of defence. Dermatology was generally focused on skin ailments rather than the anti-ageing and cosmetic angles we see today. As I gained experience in private practice, I realised just how significant preventative at-home skincare could be for my patients. There was a void in the skincare marketplace of products that delivered visible anti-ageing benefits but that could be tolerated by sensitive, post-surgical and allergic skin types. It was clear to me that the world needed a serious and chemically-clean line that they could trust. Goldfaden MD would be the answer.

Do you think technology has its place in skincare?

This is a very exciting time in our industry. Newly developed botanical actives and their treatment benefits are popping up every day. New beauty technologies are paving the way for topical treatment to be more potent and active than ever, boosting the absorption and benefits of skincare products.

Currently, there is a massive shift towards the use of natural botanicals too. This is because both industry and consumers are more educated on the benefits of this approach. Science proves the performance of naturally-based actives surpass the chemically-based compounds. An example of this is the discovery of “Birds of Paradise”: a flower that we often see in the tropics has been proven to provide skin-brightening benefits and is now one of our featured ingredients.

Naturally formulated products work with your skin instead of acting against it. Goldfaden MD sources highly active botanicals to provide your skin with the highest level of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. This unique mix makes sure you’re getting the most abundant hi-tech treatment without irritating your complexion with harsh ingredients. So, it makes sense that more people are choosing clean, plant-based beauty and applying them with devices too.

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