Customer Choice Awards 2021: The Professional’s Choice

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Customer Choice Awards 2021: The Professional’s Choice

We've been trying, testing and selling beauty tools for over 10 years. So, we know a thing or two about beauty. We're the device experts, after all. But our Customer Choice Awards are all about celebrating our best-loved devices, as chosen by you, our customers. From the most-reviewed to the can’t-live-withouts, we’ll be hearing from real CURRENTBODY customers about their favourite devices and how their lives have been changed, for the better, since using them.

This time we’re hearing from Bronagh, who used the Dermalux Flex MD to treat acne.

“I have tried many things to try and help with my acne and this is the only product that has helped reduce the number of blemishes but also aided the healing process and has reduced scarring at the same time.

I am now much more confident in my own skin which is something I never thought was possible.

Not only that but the level of service and advice that I have received from CurrentBody and namely Katy thought the journey has been incredible,

I would highly recommend the investment for anyone bothered by skin problems and as an all-rounder for the family as it is so easy to use. Life-changing.”

And the before and afters speak for themselves…

What is the Dermalux Flex MD?

Best-known for their in-salon facial treatments, Dermalux is a popular LED treatment among A-listers and aestheticians. But now you can use this medical-grade tech at home, thanks to the Dermalux Flex MD.

It’s definitely an investment piece, but seeing as you can use the device to treat your face and body, plus a number of skin concerns, it’s totally worth it. And it can be used by the whole family too.

How does it work?

The device uses clinically proven blue, red and near-infrared LED light. These lights travel deep below the skin’s surface to improve your complexion from the inside out.

Blue light – Kills acne-causing bacteria to reduce breakouts

Red light – Helps repair and firm your skin

Near-infrared light – Improves skin texture and smoothness

What can it treat?

As well as being a good treatment for mild to moderate acne, its professional-grade tech is perfect for treating other skin concerns too. Choose one of the 3 LED lights (blue, red or near-infrared), or combine all 3 to supercharge your treatment and say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, psoriasis or joint pain.

How long should I use it for?

A professional-grade device has never been so easy to use. Switch it on and select from 7 treatment protocols. Position the treatment area underneath the flexible canopy and relax for 30 minutes.

Want to find out more about the Dermalux Flex MD? Book a free consultation with one of our Beauty Device Experts, or shop the device here.

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