CurrentBody Meets Clarisonic's Dr. Robb - Part 3

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CurrentBody Meets Clarisonic's Dr. Robb - Part 3

Intrigued by our first interview with Dr Robb, the co-founder of world-famous cleansing system, Clarisonic, we wanted to learn more about the world's most famous cleansing brush.

CB: What was the one defining moment that helped make Clarisonic a household name in the US?

Dr. R: In 2007, Clarisonic was named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. She held the device up on screen during her show and after, you couldn’t find a Clarisonic on shelves anywhere. That is when we knew we had created something great.

CB: Was there a ‘eureka’ moment during the extensive years of research and testing when you realised you had made a major breakthrough on a par with the Sonicare success?

Dr. R: We recruited a group of estheticians to test our prototypes and would get their feedback each round. Each round, we’d create one prototype that each esthetician would have for a week. One round, I went to the first esthetician’s house to pick it up and she asked if she could keep it for another week. All of the estheticians loved this particular prototype and we knew we were onto something. You know you have something great when you have to pull it out of their hands.

CB: Although there are many, can you tell us three key differences that separate Clarisonic from other facial cleansing devices on the market? Dr. R:

  • Patented Technology: Clarisonic has a patented sonic frequency that no other brand can replicate. This sonic frequency works with the skin’s natural elasticity to gently and effectively cleanse skin.
  • Cleansing Method: A Clarisonic brush head makes more than 300 back and forth oscillations per second, gently flexing pores to lift away dirt, oil and debris. This movement also forces water off of the brush head bristles into pores to flush out impurities. This novel method is backed by scientific proof that Clarisonic cleanse skin 6x better than hands alone.
  • Professionally Used: Clarisonic is used in top spas and dermatologists’ offices. In fact it is so popular, Clarisonic is the number one device recommended by US dermatologists.

CB: What makes you most proud of the success of Clarisonic?

Dr. R: You can only be successful if your customers are happy. It has always been important to us to create products that are clinically proven to be safe, gentle and effective -- we create devices that work. In fact Clarisonic works so well people tell me it has changed their life. You have got to be proud about that.

CB: It was amazing to see first-hand how Clarisonic is still hand made by a really motivated and involved team in Seattle who clearly care about the product, how important has this been to the success?

Dr. R: We are a very integrated team and having everything in one place makes it easy to understand what’s working, what isn’t and where to go next. We have a wonderful team who really cares about delivering the best product for our customers around the world.

CB: The beauty market often produces products that don’t deliver and Clarisonic’s success has been a game changer in that respects, what is the one message you have for people using any beauty device for the first time?

Dr. R: Do research before you buy to better understand what results you should expect. Determine if the device company conducts clinical research for safety and efficacy. Clarisonic stands alone in its extensive testing and clinical claims that ensure we’re actually providing the results we promise. It’s never great for anyone in the beauty device category when first-time consumers purchase a device that doesn’t deliver results.

CB: Although ‘hands’ are the biggest competition to Clarisonic, is there another health and beauty device that has really impressed you during the last few years?

Dr. R: Hands will always be our number one competitor – especially as so many people even today think hands are effective when cleansing skin. I find the continual growth of the beauty device market as a whole impressive, but I obviously always prefer innovations that Clarisonic produces. We have so many more on the horizon that we can’t wait to bring to people!

CB: I get asked about brush heads a lot in response to the videos on our YouTube channel, how important is getting the right brush head for your skin type?

Dr. R: The right brush head is very important, as your experience can completely change depending upon the brush head you select. Everyone’s skin is different and as the seasons change so does your skin, selecting the right brush head for your skin type and season is essential. A few of my favorites are acne, radiance and deep pore.

CB: Why do you think users don’t change their brush heads often enough and what would be your message to our users?

Dr. R: Unlike many things, our brush heads don’t show visible signs of aging, so consumers think the brush head is still as effective after many months. After millions of micro-massages, the bristles begin to clump together, rather than moving independently as they would on a brand new brush head resulting in a less-effective cleanse. I always recommend changing your brush heads with the seasons for two reasons. First, we recommend changing brush heads every 3 months, but it is easier to remember seasons than what month you purchased your brush head. Secondly, as your skin changes with the seasons – more dry in the winter, more oily in the summer – select the brush head that best fits your skin’s immediate needs.

CB: Are there other ways for users to tell when it is time to change their brush head, other than the three month time period being up?

Dr. R: We always remember to change out our wardrobe with the seasons – don’t forget about your brush head wardrobe.

CB: If you were to invent another device what condition would you want it to treat?

Dr. R: I would love to create a multi-purpose device. A device that consumers could use to treat all of their at-home skincare needs – cleansing, anti-aging, hair removal, etc.

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