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TriPollar STOP CLASSIC Facial Skin Renewal Bundles

Professional-level, radio frequency device for tightening skin

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 2 reviews

TriPollar STOP CLASSIC Facial Skin Renewal Bundles

Professional-level, radio frequency device for tightening skin

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 2 reviews

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  • The most successful radio frequency technology for tightening skin at home
  • Skin feels tighter, firmer and renewed
  • Improves facial contours and reduces wrinkles
  • Non-invasive and pain-free solution
  • Use for 20 minutes per day, 2-3 times a week
  • Visible results in just 8 weeks

2 year warranty Official TriPollar Retailer
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Our Expert View

Powered by revolutionary Radio Frequency technology, the TriPollar STOP focuses 4 low power beams deep into the dermis layer of your skin.

This targeted treatment heats the cells to increase and accelerate your body’s natural production of collagen.

Built upon popular in-clinic radio frequency technology, the device offers a highly effective home-use solution for tightening your skin and reducing wrinkles - at a much more affordable price than salon treatments and other radio frequency devices on the market.

What's Included

  • TriPollar STOP device
  • Power Supply
  • Electrical Outlet Adaptor
  • TriPollar STOP Preparation Gel
  • User Manual
  • International Warranty Policy

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

What is TriPollar STOP?

TriPollar STOP is an easy-to-use skin renewal device that harnesses professional-level radio frequency technology. Delivering immediate and long-lasting results, this device treats sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the natural production of collagen. Read more on how TriPollar STOP Classic works here.

Can I use it to prevent signs of ageing?

Yes, radio frequency technology is perfect for keeping a youthful appearance, as it helps to stimulate collagen production, keeping your skin tight and smooth. You can read more about using the TriPollar STOP Classic as a preventative treatment here.

How does it work?

Radio frequency technology uses energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin (dermis layer). This heat energy stimulates the skin cells to kick-start the production of collagen and contracts the collagen fibres to restructure the skin (often resulting in an immediate skin-tightening effect).

Unrivalled technology

TriPollar’s radio frequency technology is clinically proven to heat both the superficial and deep layers of your skin. World-renown for their clinic skin-tightening treatments, TriPollar have put their innovative, third generation technology and over 15 year’s worth of knowledge into the TriPollar STOP, which is the most successful for achieving professional-level results at home.

How to use

Step 1: Cleanse and dry the treatment area.

Step 2: Apply a thin, even layer of conductive gel over the entire treatment area.

Step 3: Turn the device on and select the power setting which is most comfortable for you.

Step 4: Divide your face into two sections (left and right), then divide this into smaller working sections.

Step 5: Place the device on your skin, ensuring all four electrodes are touching the skin.

Step 6: Move the device in slow circular motions. The orange indicator light will turn on when the skin is heated to the optimal temperature.

Step 7: After the device has beeped, continue moving the device in the same area for a few moments then move onto the next working section.

Step 8: Repeat until all working sections have been treated. This normally takes up to 20 minutes for a full facial treatment.

Step 9: Rinse off the conductive gel and apply moisturiser to your skin.

What results can I expect?

If you use the device 2 - 3 times a week you should expect to see a visible improvement in skin tone in around 8 weeks.

Why we love it

A full facial treatment takes around 20 minutes per session, and the device also offers a range of shorter treatment times to target specific areas of concern.

TriPollar STOP is also suitable for all skin types too.

What Alice Says...

A beauty industry expert, Alice Hart-Davis is an award-winning beauty journalist and published author.

What is TriPollar STOP?

"Radiofrequency energy is a popular in-clinic choice for tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles, and this device offers a home-use version of the same technology."

What's TriPollar STOP like to use?

"It takes just over 20 minutes to go over my whole face. The head of the Tripollar device has four rounded metal pegs on it, and these all need to be in contact with the skin in order for it to work. It feels very warm.


"You need to set that time aside two or three times a week for a special spot of self-care, because it takes 20 minutes "

Discover more about Alice Hart-Davis here.

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Additional Information

Please note, this used to be called the '2019' edition but has recently been updated as it caused some confusion. The device was manufactured in 2018 compared to the original 2012 device.


Do not use TriPollar STOP if any of the following apply to you:

-Under 18 years of age.

-Have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator.

-Have metal implants in the treatment area.

-Current or history of cancer.

-Severe concurrent conditions such as cardiac disorders. Pregnant or nursing. Impaired immune system.

-Any diseases stimulated by heat, such as recurrent Herpes Simplex.

-Any active skin condition within the treatment area, such as sores, psoriasis, eczema or rash.

-History of keloid scarring, abnormal wound healing or fragile skin.

-Any surgical procedure, laser resurfacing or deep chemical peeling within the treatment area in the past 3 months.

-If you have permanent fillers within the treatment area. If you have temporary dermal fillers within the treatment area.

-Current use of medications, herbal preparations, vitamins or food supplements that may cause fragile or dry skin.

Important: Do not use the TriPollar STOP V on the eyelids, over closed eyes, ears or genitals.

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