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Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

All in one kit for a 10x whiter smile

Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

All in one kit for a 10x whiter smile

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  • 90% went 2 shades whiter in just the first use
  • No harsh ingredients and no peroxide
  • No pain & no sensitive teeth after use
  • Dentist-formulated gel and UV light for the best teeth whitening results
  • 95% had 2 or more shades of teeth whitening after 6 days
  • Use for 20-30 minutes a day for best results in 6 days

2 Year Warranty Official Millionaire Smile
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Our Expert View

Teeth whitening is on our our minds in 4K camera world. When comparing teeth whitening kits, you want something gentle and effective. Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Kit is designed and approved by UK dentists to get your teeth up to 10 shades whiter.

It's cruelty free, vegan friendly and made without peroxide for the best teeth whitening without pain or sensitivity.

Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Kit is simply how to whiten teeth in just 6 days. Top up every 6-8 weeks for a sparkling smile.

What's Included

  • Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening LED Light
  • 3 x 5ml Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Gel syringes
  • Mouthguard

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

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For a limited time only, receive a FREE Reusable Straw Pack with any Millionaire Smile purchase.

These eco-friendly straws are made from bamboo, which can be re-used and are a great alternative to plastic straws.

Including two straws and a brush for easy cleaning, drinking through these eco straws minimises the contact drinks have with your teeth, helping to reduce stains and discolouration.

Why it works

Leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robbie Hughes, created the Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Kit to help his clients get that 'Hollywood' look at home.

It's the best teeth whitening kit for sensitive mouths because it doesn't use any peroxide. It uses a papaya enzyme (PDP) - yes the fruit - to lift stains.

Simply use the whitening gel syringes with the tray and a light emitting diode (LED) light for fast, pain-free teeth whitening that also helps protect your mineral layer and prevent stains long after your treatment.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Squeeze ¼ of a syringe in both the top and also into the bottom of the tray.

Step 2: Put the tray in your mouth and push the power button. Use with the light on for 20-30 minutes, each day.

Step 3: Treat your teeth for six days in a row for best results.

Step 4: When finished, detach the tray to wash then store.

make it personal

It's safe for any adult to use and can lift stains on the surface and internal layers of your teeth. Use on your natural teeth for up to two shades of whitening on day one or with veneers to bring back their original lustre. Just don't use with braces.

Use with other Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening products like the white strips for even longer-lasting results. After your initial 6 day treatment, use every 2 months to maintain your bright smile.

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