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PainMaster Pain Relief Patch for Women

Soothes pain

PainMaster Pain Relief Patch for Women

Soothes pain

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  • Natural pain-relief
  • Discreet to wear
  • Targets the source of your pain
  • Slim and small enough to sit under your clothing
  • Suitable for treating endometriosis
  • Easy to affix to the skin

2 year warranty Official PainMaster Retailer
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Our Expert View

Discreet is the name of the game with the PainMaster for Women. Not only does it sit discreetly underneath your clothes, you can wear the pain relief solution for women during the day and night to get the maximum benefits. You can use it on your lower back, your pelvis, as well as multiple areas around your body.

We love that women's PainMaster has a light green battery light so you can use the device even when you wear sheer clothing.

What's Included

  • Set of PainMaster for Women Patches
  • Battery Controller
  • User Manual

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

Microcurrent Therapy

The PainMaster for Women uses Micro-Current Therapy to be a drug-free pain relief solution. The Micro-Current Therapy supplies an extremely low electrical current to the affected pain area. This current is similar to the current found naturally in your body. It can reach injured cells and has the ability to restore and regenerate them to relieve chronic pain.

PainMasters are designed to be worn for long sessions longer than 8 hours to provide you with ongoing pain management rather than short-term pain relief.

Read more about PainMaster

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