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Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision

Jade massager for small area wrinkles

Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision

Jade massager for small area wrinkles

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  • Banish fine lines with Chinese medicine's 'master healing' stone
  • Smooth away wrinkles near eyes and lips with healing quartz
  • Specifically-shaped tool for crows feet, brow furrows and lip lines
  • Pain-free way to treat wrinkles and fine lines
  • Strengthen and boost microcirculation by 400% with gua sha massage
  • In just 3 minutes a day, see skin tightening instantly

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Our Expert View

The Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision tool provides a gua sha facial uniquely-designed for the eyes, brows and lips. Reduce eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines in your problem areas by swiping the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision in concentrated, upward flicks.

It's easy to hold and easy to use. In 3 minutes a day get rid of inflammation, bags and wrinkles with regular use. Just pair with your favourite facial oil to provide the perfect amount of slip for your gua sha treatment.

What's Included

  • Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision
  • Storage pouch
  • User manual

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

Why it works

Encourage lymphatic drainage with the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision. Lymphatic drainage is desirable because it helps remove toxins from the body and firm up the look of your skin. It's based on the principles of pressure point massage.

With the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision gua sha tool, flick upwards on crows feet, eye bags and brow furrows to soothe and tighten. Increase your circulation while enjoying a de-stressing treatment.

In Chinese Medicine, clear quartz is considered a 'master healer' and perfect for helping you align your QI (body energy). With the Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision, feel instant results and a longer-term wrinkle reduction benefit with just 3 minutes a day.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Clean and dry your skin. Apply a layer of facial oil.

Step 2: Use outward flicks around eyes, lips and brows during your 3 minute treatment.

Step 3: Repeat on both sides of your face for instant firming.

Step 4: Clean with water and store.

make it personal

Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision gua sha tool is great for de-puffing your eyes and reducing the look of wrinkles before bed or a night out. Use by itself or with the other Hayo'u Clear Quartz beauty range for a complete gua sha treatment programme.

Experiment with different facial oils and serums for bespoke skin care targeting. And store in a cool place for even more de-puffing power.

The Hayo'u Clear Quartz Precision is easy to take with you to the gym, the office or on holiday for a firming treatment anywhere.

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