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Beauty Works Jumbo Waver Island Edition

Fast beachy waves; cute beachy print

Beauty Works Jumbo Waver Island Edition

Fast beachy waves; cute beachy print

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  • Crease-proof mermaid waves in seconds
  • New limited-edition tropical look that's still safe for all hair types
  • Heats up to 80-220℃ in just 60 seconds
  • Ceramic barrels seal your cuticle for shinier hair
  • Get frizz-free, beach waves on long, medium or short hair
  • 3 big 32mm barrels curl hair 3x faster than a single tong

2 Year Warranty Official Beauty Works Retailer
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Our Expert View

The Beauty Works Jumbo Waver gives you effortless, beachy waves 3x faster than a single barrel device. Over 4,000 salons trust Beauty Works with their client's hair. So you're bound to love the fast styling of this wand. It heats up in 60 seconds and has 3 XL barrels for big, tousled waves. Plus, the ceramic coating helps to protect your hair by sealing the outside for less frizz and more shine. Choose the right setting for your hair to get quick, mermaid waves.

What's Included

  • Beauty Works Jumbo Waver Island Edition
  • Limited Edition Beach Bag
  • Heat-resistant Glove
  • Heat-resistant Mat

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:


We've been using heat to curl our hair for decades and decades. It works! But some coatings protect our hair better and give us a nicer finish - like ceramic. And with the 3 big barrels, you'll get beachy waves faster than with a standard single tong heat tool. Just choose your heat setting and press for up to 10 seconds. Get all-over waves in minutes and store in your limited edition beach bag for total portability.

It's as simple as

Step 1. Use a heat protectant spray on dry hair, all over. Choose your heat setting and put on the heat-resistant mat.

Step 2. Clamp the hot tool on small strips of hair and hold the other end with your heat-resistant glove. Start near the root for more volume.

Step 3. Release within 10 seconds. Now, do this again, all over your head.

Step 4. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb for a beachy tousled look. Finish with your favourite styling spray.

Step 5. Set on the heat-resistant mat to cool, unplugged. Only store when it's cool.

make it personal

Take your Beauty Works Jumbo Waver Island Edition on holiday with you too. With the exclusive tropical beach bag, you'll have XL mermaid waves on the go. Personalise your wave by choosing the right heat setting for your hair. Use the lowest amount of heat you can. You'll have big, bouncy waves with less damage. With full heat in 60 seconds, enjoy a finished beachy look in minutes.

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Additional Information

Adjustable temperature (80-220°C)

UK electrical plug

Universal voltage

Carry bag is not heat resistant

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