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You might have heard of the in-salon facial treatment, but what is Microdermabrasion? And how can I recreate it at home?

What is microdermabrasion?

It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses tiny exfoliating particles to gently remove the top surface layer of dead skin cells.

Most devices also vacuum up the loose skin cells. This next-level exfoliation technique stimulates the body to regenerate the cells underneath, renewing your skin from the inside out.

Many people choose microdermabrasion over chemical peels or laser treatments due to reduced down-time and increased cost effectiveness.

The benefits of microdermabrasion

If you have uneven pigmentation, fine lines or clogged pores, your skin will undoubtedly benefit from this treatment.

Each session boosts blood flow and increases the flow of nutrients below the skin’s surface.

By increasing cellular regeneration, the treatment also improves skin’s elasticity and texture, making it great for reducing the appearance of scarring too.

Can I recreate a Micrdermabrasion facial at home?

In short, yes. Trophy Skin offers a great initial introduction to microdermabrasion. The MiniMD is a compact, handheld device that can be used across the face and body, taking just 5 minutes per treatment area.

If you’re looking to recreate your salon appointments at home, the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD offers a range of different options to buff away dead skin and rebuild you skin’s stores of collagen and elastin.

Alternatively, the PMD range is great for those who are looking to personalise their microdermabrasion treatments. With a selection of different exfoliating discs, these devices prep your complexion ahead of your skincare routine, maximising the absorption of any topical products by up to 20x.

Our product expert says…

Many of us simply accept our pigmentation, congested skin or fine lines as part of the ageing process, but it doesn’t have to be this way. These devices bring a sophisticated salon treatment to the comfort of your own home, giving you quick and gratifying results.

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