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Cellulite is a term that’s often used in the beauty industry (and it often triggers our insecurities about our bodies) but what causes it and is there anything we can do about it?

What is cellulite?

It’s an entirely natural condition and affects an estimated 90% of women, as well as being noted as one of the biggest beauty concerns in Europe.

It can appear on anyone, irrespective of your fitness level or body shape. It’s caused by tiny connective tissue filaments that connect the tissue to fat pockets.

They can pull down on the skin’s underside and create these small cellulite dimples.

How can I reduce the appearance of it?

There are so many creams and lotions that promote themselves as smoothing cellulite, but they often work on draining away toxins rather than improving the skin texture itself.

The best way to get rid of cellulite is a combination of exercise and skin tightening therapies. By working on muscle-building exercises, you’ll drain away toxins from the body.

Squats and lunges will also work on areas most commonly affective, boosting circulation and triggering an improved hormonal balance.

When it comes to using beauty technology, there are a range of targeted treatments that are designed to target specific areas of the skin.

Replicating salon-standard treatments at home, we’d recommend trying an uplifting microcurrent session, soothing skin-tightening or an extensive endermologie treatment.

Which devices work best?

It depends which technology you’d like to use and how much time you’d like to commit. Channelling microcurrent technology, the NuBODY takes just 5 minutes per treatment area to tighten the muscles and smooth away dimples on the skin’s surface.

Used on a daily basis, it’s ideal for working on specific areas at a time but you’ll need to be committed as it gives you visible results in 60 days.

TriPollar POSE has proven to be incredibly popular, thanks to its ability to smooth away dimples and orange-peel. The Radio Frequency treatment tightens the skin and boosts the natural production of collagen, rejuvenating your skin’s appearance.

If you’re looking for the ultimate body treatment, choose Wellbox S. The endermologie treatments use cellular stimulation to drain toxins, firm contours and even out your skin. It’s the most powerful device we offer in that respect, giving you results from the very first use.

Our product expert says…

When it comes to treating cellulite, it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. You can treat as little or as often as you like – the main aim is to tighten, firm and tone your contours with simple, targeted treatments.

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