How to curl hair with Wrapcurl

by Amy Nicholson

How to curl hair with Wrapcurl

Do you love to curl your hair, but find that heat styling leaves your hair feeling frizzy and lack-lustre? Enter Wrapcurl. Taking inspiration from traditional heat rollers, it’s an upgrade to your haircare routine. We delve behind the technology to show you how it works and how to use.

Smart, Natural Ingredients

Wrapcurl have redesigned traditional hot rollers with a mix of minerals, crystals and seeds to curl the hair. When heated, this creates an ionising micro steam that maintains the natural moisture found in the hair. This means that hair is conditioned and nourished through the treatment, finding its natural balance without the need for additional products.

Gentle, thermal heat

The rollers absorb water within the atmosphere, which is then released through the stretch fabric when heated. Made from ceramic and tourmaline, this creates ionic infrared heat, smoothing the hair cuticle to create shine. This ensures a healthy, even set.

Wearable design

The beauty of Wrapcurl is that you can decide how to complete your treatment. The wearable design means you can wrap the rollers over the top of the headband, leaving them in as you go about your beauty routine. They are incredibly secure, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out as you move around.

How to use Wrapcurl

  1. Microwave the rollers for 1-2 minutes
  2. Wear the wavy headband across your temples
  3. Split the hair into sections, wrapping each one around a roller before attaching to the headband
  4. Leave the rollers in for 25 minutes
  5. Unwrap the rollers and remove the headband to see your curls appear
Watch the below video to see a demonstration of the rollers in action.

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