How to choose the right Slendertone belt for you

by Amy Nicholson

How to choose the right Slendertone belt for you

Slendertone is an established brand with over 50 years of experience using EMS technology. Each device has been manufactured to medical standards and ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible. But how do the devices achieve results? And how can you decide which Slendertone belt is best for you?

How does it work?
The range includes a number of Abs belts that gently work all four abdominal muscles: the Rectus Abdominis, Internal Obliques, External Obliques and Transversus Abdominis. It does this using a patented three-gel pad placement that stimulate the nerve reflexes connected to the muscles. The unique formation evenly distributes each pulsation for a complete abdominal workout.

What does it feel like?
If you’re not familiar with the concept, the treatment might seem a little unusual at first. However, it’s worth persevering with in order to achieve visible results.
The toning session begins with a tingly sensation. Once you start to increase the workout intensity, you’ll be able to feel distinct muscle contractions. It’s a tangible sign that Slendertone is optimising your muscular workout. When used correctly, you should be able to easily hold a conversation during the treatment, but also feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little bit harder.

Find the right belt for you
While all belts use the same EMS technology, each model offers a different range of treatments to make sure you’re getting the best workout possible. All of our options have been clinically proven to firm and tone your abs from just 4 weeks. We recommend using 20-30 minutes a session, 5 days a week, to see best results.


Our most simple design, this battery-operated device offers 8 toning plans and 2 advanced sports active plans. With 130 intensity levels, you can create your own workout to train your muscles in the most convenient way. Abs5 is the best all-rounder device for those looking to get back into shape, letting Slendertone do all the hard work for you.


Abs7 offers a detachable, rechargeable controller that works with the toning belt, bottom toner and arms toner. This means you can achieve a more targeted treatment, focusing on the areas that matter to you most. With 150 intensity levels, it offers 7 passive programmes and 3 active ones. It’s the device to go for if you’re looking to improve certain areas or want to use Slendertone in conjunction with your workout.

Connect Abs8

This is our most powerful and app-controlled abs toning belt. Designed to be used in conjunction with iPhone, iPad or Android and a rechargeable USB controller, it’s your most personal coach. The app offers progress tracking, motivation and reminders to optimise your treatment. Connect Abs8 is the most flexible choice of the range, offering everything from light activity to heavy exercise, post-natal tummy toning, essential and advanced core workouts or simply maintaining general fitness.

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