Gifts for the hair guru

by Anne-Marie O

Gifts for the hair guru

Looking for the perfect present for your hair guru friend? They're the one that always look like they've just stepped out of the salon, never miss an appointment and are all the more glamorous for it. Danielle from The CB Society also loves to keep her tresses looking sleek and has pulled together the following tools to treat your loved one with.

DAFNI Allure Portable Hair Straightening Brush RRP £155

Designed with travel in mind, the handheld DAFNI Allure Cordless Straightening Brush is lightweight and portable, styling your hair from root to tip in minutes. It maintains a constant heat as you style, rivalling your usual at-home blow dry so you don't have to compromise on results. Plus, it takes up much less space in your carry-on, making it the perfect companion for a getaway trip.

WrapCurl 1.5" Curling Bands RRP £65

Love salon-worthy curls, but don't have the time to style them at home? Enter WrapCurl. These microwavable rollers are filled with minerals, crystals and bio beads to achieve perfect curls without using damaging heat. They take just 25 minutes to work their magic, cutting your styling time in half.

T3 Cura Luxe Digital IonAir Hair Dryer RRP £235

If you love a good blow-dry, but hate the way that styling damages your hair, then the T3 Cura Luxe is for you. The device releases negative ions to smooth the hair cuticles for soft, frizz-free results. With a booster button to increase natural texture and volume, the hair dryer also includes an auto pause sensor to intuitively stop the airflow when you release the dryer handle, making it one less thing to think about.

Theradome Laser Hair Rejuvenation Device RRP £749

For over half of us, hair thinning is simply a part of life. Through the years, our bodies experience hormonal changes which can often lead to hair loss or thinning. Theradome offers a non-invasive solution in a helmet design, delivering soothing light therapy with full coverage. The single button control is incredibly easy to use, guiding you through each treatment in just 20 minutes per day.

InStyler MAX Prime Revolving Styler RRP £89.99

For those who are all about multi-tasking devices, the InStyler MAX Prime does not disappoint. With a rotating barrel that turns in 2 directions to ensure an even heat distribution, this 2-in-1 tool effortlessly straightens, curls and waves hair in minutes. What's more, the ionic bristles separate the hair strands to reduce frizz, locking in moisture to reveal a natural shine finish.

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