4 beauty brands that can help your marathon training

by Carly Hibbins

4 beauty brands that can help your marathon training

When prepping for marathon training, we know your body is being put through a lot. The hours of gruelling work required to get your muscles, lungs and stamina into the right place? Challenging, to say the least. But as the Beauty Device Experts, we’re going to share 6 beauty devices that can help your marathon training process. From toning to recovery, Therabody, SIXPAD, LARQ and Hayo'u all make useful gear for your regime of marathon readiness.


For any marathon runners (or aspiring ones) muscle soreness is a near-daily occurrence. The Therabody Elite and Therabody Mini are percussive massagers that get at tired muscles up to 60% deeper than a vibrating massager can.

The Elite is the most customisable and strongest with 5 different attachment heads to choose from for pinpoint relief. And the mini is a handheld, portable powerhouse that’s light enough to take anywhere.

Get post-workout recovery on an industrial scale with this pair of Therabody massagers. Wired called them “ideal for waking up muscle both before and after exercise”


There are no shortcuts to success when marathon training. If you want your marathon training sessions to be more effective, you might try the SIXPAD Body Fit. In just 23 minutes per treatment, activate more of your muscles in your abs, arms and legs with one device.

The SIXPAD Body Fit uses small electrical charges to contract and release your muscles - just like a workout does. The benefit of the device is you target the other 70% of muscle fibres that aren’t touched by manual workouts. That means you can get that toned marathon runner’s body faster.


Their Self-Purifying Water Bottle seems indulgent at first, but when you think about the importance of hydration to any marathon runner… it actually makes sense.

The LARQ bottle is 10,000 times more hygienic than a normal reusable water bottle. It cleans itself every two hours with UV-C LED (ultraviolet light) technology that kills more than 99% of bacteria & viruses.

When you think about all the dark, dank and damp places your water bottle has been during marathon training, the LARQ Self-Purifying Water Bottle is a smart investment in your health.


The Hayo’u Bamboo Tapper and Hayo’u Restorer Body Massage Tool might seem archaic versus the rest of these devices, but these tools are hailed for their efficacy in Chinese medicine.

Use the Restorer tool to apply a gentle one-minute gua sha massage to help drain toxins from the body, de-puff, relieve muscle pain and eliminate headaches. Or use the Hayo'u Bamboo Tapper with pai sha (tapping) massage therapy techniques that boost circulation, energise and release tension in minutes.

Ideal to take anywhere, incorporate them into your post-workout routine for a more effective marathon training recovery plan.

If you’re looking to go from couch to marathon, you can achieve that in as little as 6 months. But you don’t have to do it alone. These beauty tools and devices will help you stay at the top of your game. Have questions? Reach out to our Beauty Device Experts.

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