Why You'll Never Use a Normal Sheet Mask Again

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Why You'll Never Use a Normal Sheet Mask Again


Do you despise sheets masks? The sloppy texture and the gloopy residue, not to mention the fact of just keeping it on your face for 15 minutes should be an Olympic sport. All of these issues that come with a regular sheet mask, combine to make a less than enjoyable experience and definitely doesn’t create that relaxing spa like atmosphere. Enter the FOREO UFO. The new out of this world product combines the best of beauty and technology for a spa‑worthy facial treatment in just 90 seconds, no mess, just glowing, gorgeous skin.

Paul Peros, FOREO's CEO said in a statement surrounding the launch of the orb-shaped device, ”Face masks are the guilty pleasure of millions, but is lying under cold, wet sheets of paper the best we can do for 2018?" We think not.

The device is designed to improve upon the problems that FOREO identified as the main barriers to masking perfection, imperfect fit or poor coverage, limited penetration capability, and, of course, time. It’s rare to find 15 minutes of “me time” but with the FOREO UFO, you don’t need to sacrifice your skin due to a lack of time.

The UFO stands for "Ur Future Obsession” and contains four leading technologies, that until now you would only find in a top dermatologists office or would involve purchasing four costly, separate devices.

What Technology is in the FOREO UFO?

Thermo Therapy - Warms up to soften the skin and open pores, infusing mask ingredients deeper beneath the surface. • Cryo Therapy - Cooling function lifts and firms the skin, reducing the appearance of pores and any risk of inflammation.

T-Sonic Pulsations - Technology that heightens absorption of active ingredients while delivering a relaxing facial massage.

RGB LED Light Therapy - Renowned for its many benefits, the red light stimulates collagen production to gradually smooth out fine lines, blue light kills the bacteria that causes acne and boosts blood circulation and green light evens skin tone and brightens dull skin.

FOREO has launched the UFO with two mask options — the "Wake Me Up" and the "Call It a Night." The morning mask features hydrating powerhouses hyaluronic acid and red algae to moisturise and protect from the effects of pollution. The first 30 seconds of the mask involves red LED light to prep the skin, and then continues with 30 seconds of sonic pulsing to heighten the absorption of the mask essence. The final 30 seconds is with a green-based LED light, as well as lower-frequency pulsations, to even skin tone and add a radiant boost, according to FOREO.

Whilst the "Call It a Night Treatment" uses ginseng and olive oil to nourish and revitalise, so skin gets the replenishment it needs overnight. The first 30 seconds of the mask features higherfrequency pulsing, plus red LED light, to help the essence sink deeper into the skin. The final minute of the mask is much like the morning mask, with T-sonic pulsing at a lower frequency, along with red LED light, to focus on enhanced blood circulation and restoring skin's elasticity.

How to Use the FOREO UFO?

But how does all of this excitement make it from the UFO to your face? Well it couldn’t be easier, simply lift the plastic holder and place your chosen mask over the smooth copper side of the device, securing it with the plastic and pressing the start button. You’ll be notified by three quick vibrations to signal when the 90 seconds are over. The whole process is controlled via an app, through which you can start the 90 second process and control the intensity of the T-Sonic pulsations, the light intensity, the heating and cooling features and even order mask refills. Pretty impressive for the palm sized device! After the dreamy 90 seconds, you simply discard the mask, rinse the device and charge it via the handy USB cable.


We can’t get over how so much brilliant technology is packed into such a small device. The results are immediate and only improve over time. We would recommend using 1-2 times a week for optimum results. Don’t believe us? Check out this video of the FOREO UFO in action.

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