Give your hair a boost

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Give your hair a boost

There are so many reasons why hair can appear thinner and lack lustre. Stress, a lack of sleep and a compromised diet take a toll on your body, and your hair is often the first to miss out on those vital nutrients. Sometimes over-styling can make the hair shafts brittle and prone to breakage. Men can experience genetic predisposition can cause reduced circulation to the scalp. Around 50% of women even experience some form of female hair loss, whether that’s through follicle sensitivity linked to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), fluctuating hormones during the menopause or simply raised oestrogen levels during pregnancy. Whatever the reason, it’s common to look at treating the symptoms rather than getting to the root cause.

Changes in hair volume and texture are all part of our journey. We are born with around 150,000 follicles that will last us a lifetime. As we age the follicles themselves shrink to become smaller, causing hair to appear finer and thinner. While we can’t stop the clock, we can delay the effects of time to maintain bouncy, youthful hair for longer.


Healthy hair is all about finding your balance. Often you’ll find that regular shampoo contains sulphates, which leaves the hair with more build-up than you started with. The washing routine is more for refreshing your scalp than the hair shafts themselves, improving your core condition. It’s important to get started with a combination that works for you, cleaning away impurities without stripping away essential oils.

HairMax Density Shampoo and Conditioner have been specially designed by trichologists to improve the condition of your scalp to produce thicker, fuller and healthier hair. The low pH formula mixes in phytic acid to gently cleanse and hydrate the scalp by firming up cuticles, reducing breakage and split ends. Furthermore, our revitalising shampoo blend includes DHT blockers that maintain the current follicle size to keep strands looking stronger and healthier. Finish off your treatment of thinning hair with a cool rinse to lock in natural shine.


Now that you’ve sorted out your washing routine for daily maintenance, it’s time to focus on your hair’s core strength. Weakened follicles will produce limp and thinning hair, which can have an premature ageing effect. Thankfully there’s a way that we can nurse our tresses back to their vibrant, beautiful selves. Prep your hair with the HairMax Density Revitalizer to lightly exfoliate your scalp and unclog any blocked follicles of excess sebum, perspiration and pollutants. The result? Thicker, healthier hair that puts a spring back in your step.

For best results, follow your treatment with a touch of light stimulation. The HairMax LaserComb emits a safe, nourishing energy boost to your scalp. Soft laser light wakens the follicles and boosts circulation to stimulate lasting growth, gradually improving density and fullness in just a matter of weeks.


Just as you would go to the gym to build up your muscles, dietary supplements are the building blocks towards restoring your hair. They are the perfect complement to light exercise and healthy eating in your already balanced lifestyle, making sure your locks are completely nourished even when you’re having a cheat day.

That’s why HairMax Dietary Supplements literally give your hair a boost from the inside out. The vitamin complex contain a natural balance of nutrients and anti-oxidants to strengthen and accelerate the growth of both hair and nails. Plus, with all that extra goodness in your system, your skin will look glowing too. What’s not to love?

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