Sensica - Complete At-Home Spa Solutions

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Sensica - Complete At-Home Spa Solutions

Sensica - Complete At-Home Spa Solutions

Sensica, produces a revolutionary line of advanced aesthetic solutions that allows you to experience professional-quality beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home. The brand was founded by leading experts in medical aesthetics who have provided their technologies to clinics around the globe. They believe women should be able to enjoy the same remarkable results achieved in clinics, only without the high cost and inconvenience.

Sensica have taken the technologies they’ve created for the world’s foremost medical aesthetic clinics and transformed them into affordable, hand-held beauty treatments – with proven results. Their proprietary technologies – RPL™(Reactive Pulsed Light), Adapt2U™, Dynamic RF™, PH Feedback™ – are the same ones used by professional institutions, only adapted to be used for at-home hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and exfoliation. Plus all Sensica beauty treatments and skin-care products are clinically approved and provide a range of breakthrough treatments for both face and body.

Each product in the Sensica range was developed with the individual’s specific needs in mind and ergonomically designed to be as intuitive to your body as it is simple to use, all while providing you with powerful, long-lasting results.

Check out the Sensica devices we have available at CURRENTBODY here.

Sensica sensiLight Mini RPL™ Hair Removal System

Sensica - Complete At-Home Spa Solutions

IPL is one of the best known methods of hair reduction used in hair removal devices all over the world. Sensica take this technology one step further by combining Intense Pulsed Light technology with unique sensors to give us RPL. These sensors are constantly reacting to your skin's specific needs to ensure a safe, fast and effective hair removal treatment. With safety in mind, these sensors will automatically disable the treatment if your skin tone is too dark or you are too tanned.

RPL works by delivering light pulses to the hair follicles and the light energy is absorbed by the melanin found in the hair shift, generating heat and coagulating the follicle. The clinically-proven technology helps reduce the hair growth with little effort.

Simply shave the treatment area before you start, select one of the three energy levels, and follow the treatment plan recommended for the area you want to treat, and voilà!

Sensica sensiLift Skin Tightening System

Sensica - Complete At-Home Spa Solutions

Sensica - Complete At-Home Spa Solutions
Radio Frequency technology has long been a favourite of ours for tackling fine lines and wrinkles, but not all devices come recommended to treat areas beyond your jawline. sensiLift, with its combined RF and massage technology, is suitable for treating areas of the neck, décolletage and hands - all areas which can be ignored by women. A pleasant warm sensation gives you the feeling of a nice relaxing salon treatment, one that you can do on your own time.

The treatment is non-invasive, meaning the device works on the skin's surface, sending the RF energy through the layers of the skin to stimulate your collage production and improve fine lines and wrinkles. From the before and after results you can see, you get salon-standard results from a device that you can use yourself at home. Now FDA cleared, you can rest assured that you have an anti-ageing solution that gives you real results whilst being safe to use.

Sensica sensiMatch Foot & Body Massager

Sensica - Complete At-Home Spa Solutions

Sensica understands that not everyone can take time out, or afford, professional beauty treatments. So, they have made it their mission to create safe, easy-to-use, hand-held devices that deliver professional results, from the comfort of your home. The patented Adapt2U technology transforms to suit your multiple beauty needs as well as adapting itself to your body's unique curves. As a multi-treatment solution with snap-on Adapt2U pads suitable to treat your feet and body, you get treatments that will leave you with smooth, refreshed skin.

Adapt2U Peel pad

  • Perfect exfoliation or body skin peeling, the Peel pad is designed to remove dead skin cells and leave you with smooth, radiant skin.
  • Ideal for treating your legs and arms, Peel pads come with different coarseness, which allows you match your personal needs to your pad.
  • Providing visible results from your first use, thanks to its large treatment area, working on areas like your legs can take just 5 minutes.
  • To maintain your results, it is recommended to use the skin peeling pads once every 10 days and a single pad will last up to 20 treatments.
  • The Body Peel pad can be used all over your body, except on your face, scalp, underarms, front of the neck and intimate parts of the body.

Adapt2U Feet pad

  • Tackle dry, rough skin on your feet, as well as callus skin on your heels or toes, with the Feet pad.
  • Designed with different levels of coarseness to address the type of treatment you need, you can use the edge of the pad to treat difficult patches.
  • A treatment should not take more than 5 minutes, exfoliating every part of your feet, from every angle.
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