Real Review of the Clarisonic Anti-Blemish Brush

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Real Review of the Clarisonic Anti-Blemish Brush

Real Review of the Clarisonic Anti-Blemish Brush

We love hearing from our customers and finding out how they're getting on with their beauty device purchases from CurrentBody. So when we heard from Rebecca who had purchased the Clarisonic Anti-Blemish Brush, we just had to share her kind words and happy results. Here's her story:

"After having my son, the change in hormones really affected my skin and I suffered with cystic acne for many years. I had exhausted many topical and oral medications prescribed by my doctor. As a last resort I was prescribed a course of Roaccutane. This did clear my acne, thankfully. However I continue to have extremely oily skin, enlarged pores and dull, congested skin. I researched the best treatment available for eliminating or reducing the appearance of large pores and deep clean my skin to give a better appearance. I looked into salon and home treatments and researched customer reviews. This led me to the Clarisonic facial brush.

Over the years I have tried many different skincare products across a number of different brands. I have seen professionals for laser treatment and various facials. I purchased my Clarisonic Mia 2 from CurrentBody a year ago and it changed my approach to my skincare regime. It really gives me a deeper clean than I have achieved before. I have just switched to the Anti-Blemish Brush Head and cleanser. I was a little sceptical about how affective the cleanser would be being made by Clarisonic, but WOW! My face feels clean! It feels so clear and much less congested! It looks fresher and I’m feeling more confident about my appearance. Furthermore, this is only after ONE WEEK!

I would highly recommend trying this Anti-blemish package from Clarisonic."

We're so happy that Rebecca has finally found a product that works and want to help you too. Get in touch with our beauty device experts to see what they can do for you. Contact for help and advice.

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