Permanent Hair Reduction With SmoothSkin Muse

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Permanent Hair Reduction With SmoothSkin Muse

Permanent Hair Reduction With SmoothSkin Muse

The first high power IPL device to give unlimited flashes, the Muse ensures silky, smooth skin is here to stay. Treating your full body in just 20 minutes, the device adapts to your skin tone and is suitable for your face, body and bikini line.

Who Can Use the SmoothSkin Muse

The Muse is ideal for anyone with the below skin tones and hair colours. It's not recommended for those with very dark skin or incredibly light, red or grey hairs. It is however, ideal for those with different skin tones across various body areas.

Permanent Hair Reduction With SmoothSkin Muse

How to Use the SmoothSkin Muse

Using the SmoothSkin Muse couldn't be easier, simply follow the below steps for hair free skin in no time.

1. Prep the area by completing a patch test and wax or epilate to ensure the skin is hair-free.

2. After 24 hours, make sure skin is clean and dry.

3. Use SmoothSkin Muse to steadily glide over the treatment area for an even coverage.

4. For best results, we recommend using every week for 12 weeks, with maintanence top ups ever 4 to 8 weeks after that.

Follow this easy how to video for more information.

What's the Difference Between SmoothSkin Muse and Gold

The Soothskin Muse is the upgraded model to the Gold. The main difference between SmoothSkin Muse and Gold is that the Muse has unlimited flashes, whereas the Gold is limited to 200,000 or 300,000 flashes (enough for up to 10 or 15 years worth of treatments respectively). Neither require the need for gel, meaning you can treat as and when you like without having to worry about expensive add ons. Both deliver a powerful, bespoke treatment so you can have silky smooth skin that lasts so long you’ll never worry again worry about stubbly legs or prickly underarms.

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