Best New Year's Fitness Deals From CurrentBody

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Best New Year's Fitness Deals From CurrentBody

Belated happy new year wishes to all our blog followers! We hope you had a wonderful festive season and are now well on your way with your New Year's Resolutions. If you're taking part in Dry January, pledging to get in shape in time for your holidays, or if you're just on a bit of a health kick, we could all use a helping hand. That's why we've gathered a selection of our favourite New Year's fitness deals, so you can shed a few pounds and save them at the same time!

First up, the Beurer Stomach Toning Belt is an absolute steal at just £27.19 with our New Year discount code NY15. It's perfect to pop on after a workout to help you squeeze a few more crunches into your routine – and the best part is you can use it while catching up on your favourite shows. Win win!

Next on our New Year's fitness deals wishlist is the Silk'n Silhouette, a handheld device designed to help you shed pounds and tone up fast. It helps reduce cellulite and firms the skin all over the body, which is often the bigger concern for people trying to lose weight. You'll be brimming with confidence in no time.

If you're pledging to get more active this year, we recommend doing so in a safe and monitored way. Keep track of your heart rate and metabolic rate with this Beurer Heart Rate Monitor. It's the perfect addition to your workout routine and will help you to make the most out of workouts by keeping your heart rate in the optimum zone for your goals. And it's only £118.99 with the NY15 discount code!

Our final pick of the New Year's fitness deals is the Compex SP4, and its perfect for professional athletes, or any athlete training at least three times per week. It can be used for conditioning, pain management, muscle rehabilitation, recovery, massage, and general fitness. And all of this for only £365.50 with discount code NY15.

You'll have to move quick if you want to snap up any of these offers, as the code won't last forever!

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