Introducing Kozhya Air

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Introducing Kozhya Air

Introducing Kozhya Air

"Skincare Inside Your Skin, Not On Your Hands."

Revolutionise your daily skin care with putting active natural particles IN your skin, not ON your skin with the KOZHYA AIR. De-stress and benefit from skin boosting active nutrients, whilst restoring your skin’s health with this spa-like at-home skin care treatment.


KOZHYA AIR works to deliver micro-particles of an Active Serum deep into your skin with a pressurised skincare atomiser. Aiming to correct existing skin conditions, protect healthy skin and prevent future damage, its natural ingredients work at the deep levels of your skin. Its touch-free application means that the serum isn’t left sitting on your fingers or in the palms of your hands, but is applied directly onto your skin. You get zero wastage of the ingredients as well as getting a hygienic application.

How Does KOZHYA AIR Work?

Designed for small particle delivery, KOZHYA AIR works by pushing air under high pressure through liquid serum which comes through an adjustable nozzle. Its powerful jet of micro-particles go deep into your skin.

Introducing Kozhya Air

How do use KOZHYA AIR?

Step 1. Remove the top cap of your KOZHYA Air device.

Step 2. Pour in the active KOZHYA AIR Serum ampoules.

Step 3. Hold KOZHYA AIR two finger widths from your face and turn on by pressing the button to start your treatment. Spray evenly on your face, making sure you avoid your eyes. You can use a full ampoule or half an ampoule in a treatment, however, we recommend that you use all serum that’s been added to the device.

Step 4. To adjust the spray pressure, turn the nozzle left to decrease its flow, or turn the nozzle right to increase its flow. The recommended spray mode is from low to medium.

Step 5. To keep your KOZHYA AIR functioning properly, we recommend following its cleaning instructions after each use. KOZHYA AIR automatically shuts off after 5 minutes or when the battery is low.

Use in the morning or evening with a 2/3 minute treatment, KOZHYA AIR is ideal to add into any routine.

This video shows you the KOZHYA Daily Ritual:

Can you use other serums?

Any water based serum can be used, however the KOZHYA serum is designed to be used with the device and delivers supercharged ingredients to the skin. The KOZHYA Active Serum is inspired by nature and contains a blend of extracts that stimulate the vital functions of the skin. Each ingredient has a unique role, providing the skin with nourishment, hydration, improved elasticity and reduction of visible fine lines.

Why do you need KOZHYA AIR?

Encouraging microcirculation and increased cell turnover, its natural ingredients are packed full of skincare benefits. Scientific results for KOZHYA AIR show how its technology and specially formulated serum can enhance your skin:

• Skin 5 X more nourished without the weight

• Pores 6 X less clogged

• Skin 50% firmer and more elastic

• 73% more effective at reducing visible fine line

• Skin 96% more refreshed

• 99% saw improved skin radiance

• 85% saw smoother skin


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