Recreating a Professional Manicure at Home

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Recreating a Professional Manicure at Home

Changing temperatures and seasonal changes can weaken our nails up to 50%, making frequent manicures a must. Aside from giving you that polished edge, regular treatments can also boost your skin’s health by stimulating circulation, relieving stress and melting away any muscle tension. The average gel manicure costs between £25-£35 per session, typically costing you £630 and taking up 27 hours of your time each year. By complementing your salon appointments with DIY manicures, you can save both time and money without compromising on that glossy, curated look. We’ve rounded up the best products and top tips to recreate that professional manicure at home, for glowing hands and a happy bank balance.

Blank Canvas

A luxury manicure begins with creating a great foundation. Start by using a non-acetone remover and some soft cotton wool pads to ensure your nails are completely polish free. Clip down your nails into the desired shape, choosing an oval, square or rounded finish. File your nails from side to side to achieve smooth edges, moving the file in a single direction to avoid damage to the nail bed. Once you have perfected the shape, gently buff the tops and sides with a soft nail buffer.

Relaxing Soak

Fully hydrate your skin with the Beurer MP 70 Paraffin Bath. Taking inspiration from traditional salon treatments, the soothing warm wax cocoons your hands to stimulate blood flow and the absorption of skincare products used throughout your manicure. This portable device offers continuous temperature regulation to provide deep heat therapy across your hands, feet and elbows. It’s a quick and simple way to elevate your home manicure, protecting yourself from chapped skin and stiff joints as the temperatures plummet.

Cuticle Care

Soften your nails and cuticles with our Talika Nail Regenerator Serum before lightly pushing them back with a cuticle stick. This nourishing serum has been crafted with organic plant ingredients to increase your nails’ natural resilience against external damage, improving their contour and appearance in as little as 4 weeks. This is also the perfect opportunity to give yourself a relaxing hand massage, just like a beautician would. Simply apply a vitamin-rich moisturiser to your hands, working it into the skin with calming, circular motions.

Add Some Colour

Now you’ve completed the preparation phase, it’s time to have some fun. Our Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Kit allows you to recreate a lasting gel manicure in a matter of minutes. The soft light from the lamp hardens the gel polish after application, ensuring a quick drying time and long-lasting results. Simply brush the polish down to the cuticles and into the corners of each nail before curing underneath the LED lamp. This salon-worthy set speeds up your manicure considerably, with each coat taking just 2 minutes to apply and set.

Rejuvenated Skin

Once you’ve completed your gel manicure, it’s important to keep your skin feeling supple. The copper infused textiles behind the iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Gloves have been clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, the fingerless design makes them incredibly practical to wear as you can use them in the office, at the gym or even in bed. It’s a low-maintenance solution to add into your everyday beauty regime.
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