How to Care For Your Brows

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How to Care For Your Brows

How to Care For Your Brows

Eyebrows are the pillars of your face, but it seems like the majority of us have a love hate relationship with them. We've been through the noughties stage of over plucked, uber-thin brows and we're done with trying to copy Cara Delevingne (some of us just aren't that genetically blessed). It's about time we start properly caring for those lovely brows and embrace their individuality. Keep reading to find out which brow mistakes you can avoid and the best tips for how to care for your brows.

Get a Good Pair of Tweezers

If you're still using those tweezers you bought when you were 17, get rid. Not only are blunt tweezers highly ineffective at removing hair (not to mention painful) they're also probably quite dirty by now, which is not ideal for keeping bacteria at bar around the delicate eye area. Do your brows a favour and invest in a decent pair. We love the award winning Classic Slant Tweezers by Tweezerman, perfect for catching every stray.

Tweeze at the Right Time

Now you have the perfect pair of tweezers, it's important to make sure you use them at the optimal time, so tame those brows post shower. The heat makes the hair softer and the pores more open, meaning the hair should just slide out of the follicle. Make sure you pull the hair out in the direction of growth and absolutely don't tug, as this could lead to ingrown hairs.

Keep Them Thick

Sparse brows from a dodgy salon appointment? We've all been there. Get them back in order with hardworking serum like RapidLash Eyebrow Serum. The innovative formula is uniquely blended with fortifying proteins, stimulating peptides and Rapidbrow's own Exclusive Hexatin 2 Complex to provide a safe and gently serum. In as little as 60 days this serum boosts your brows back to health, filling in the gaps and framing your face.

Tint Them

For the follicularly challenged, treat your brows to an at-home tint. You may think your brows are sparse, but it may just be because you have lighter hairs. The tint will catch every hair, creating a fuller effect, then you can tweeze out any hairs you don't want. Always make sure you patch test before using an at-home tint.

Trim Them

If you're on the other end of the brow spectrum and are blesses with an abundance of brow hairs, then it may help to trip your brows to keep them in check. To do this, brush up your brow hairs with a clean mascara brush, then with clean sharp scissors gently trim the excess hairs. You'll find it so much easier to groom in the morning when you're rushing out the door. Make sure you can clearly see what you're doing by using the Tweezerman 10x Zoom Lighted Mirror, so you don't trim off anything you want to keep.

Keep Them Clean

Other than the serum mentioned above, it's important to keep your brows clear of anything that can dislodge hairs and inhibit growth. We're talking moisturisers, SPF's and foundation, all of which can affect your brows. Make sure you wipe away any excess product with micellar water and cotton wool to keep those brows growing.

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