Getting Rid of Turkey Neck

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Getting Rid of Turkey Neck

Sagging. Wrinkles. Loose skin. The visible signs of ageing can often start to appear quite quickly and when we least expect them to. While we’re used to preventing and treating these tell-tale signs on our face, it’s easy to forget to treat the neck area too.

Getting Rid of Turkey Neck

An ageing neck (otherwise known as “Turkey Neck”) is caused by a combination of weakened muscles, sun exposure, reduced collagen production and a build-up of fatty deposits. However, it’s never too late to combat the visible signs of ageing. By formulating a thorough anti-ageing skincare routine could make your skin look up to 15 years younger in just 3 months.

We’ve rounded up some simple steps that you can take to revitalise your neck each day, turning back the clock in just a matter of weeks.

Facial Toning

Facial Toning

Younger looking skin starts with creating strong foundations. Traditionally, this has meant exploring cosmetic surgery with facelifts – pulling the skin tighter without retraining and reenergising the key muscles that lie beneath. While these procedures will certainly give you an instant and dramatic change, they can often be quite costly, risky and are masking the problem rather than tackling it directly.

Microcurrent technology is a non-invasive and effective alternative solution to achieve that extra enhancement you’re looking for. Tackle your jawline by adding further definition with the NuFACE Mini, maintaining contact with the bone to gently tighten and tone the muscles. With just a quick 5-minute face-lift each day, you’ll be boosting your natural production of elastin and collagen to plump and firm the skin.

Improve Your Posture

Poor posture with a stooped head can create horizontal lines across your neck over time. By sitting in an upright position and elongating your neck when walking, you can easily prevent these creases from deepening further.

The same goes for when you’re asleep. Sleep with one pillow to optimise the alignment of your spine, elongating your neck to minimise wrinkles. Ideally, sleeping on your back can help maintain this position for a longer period of time. However, our iluminage Skin Rejuvenating pillowcases will give your skin a boost if you sleep on your side, gently smoothing your skin in just 4 weeks thanks to the copper-infused fabric.

Invigorating Skincare

Invigorating Skincare

There are fewer oil glands and melanocytes in the neck, meaning that skin gets dry, wrinkles easily and is more prone to sun damage. What’s more, as time goes by our bodies slow down the natural production of collagen, having our skin’s elasticity by the age of 50.

The best way to protect your skin is to use advanced anti-ageing skincare, such as the latest range by PRAI Beauty. Packed with vitamins and structural proteins, the nourishing formula restores your skin’s natural strength along with an even tone and texture. For maximum results, apply it with the PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat Iconic System & Serum, delivering a positive charge to the skin’s surface to diffuse the appearance of fine lines and creases over time.

Uplifting Massage

Facial yoga has long been an anti-ageing trend in Asia, with endless stretches and facial exercises to improve your muscle tone and help prevent the development of jowls. When using on a regular basis, gentle massage can help to smooth your contours by stimulating your body’s lymphatic drainage. Many advocates of the technique expect users to see noticeable results in 6-9 months, as well as highlighting a drastic change in general relaxation and well-being.

The challenge is making sure the exercises are performed properly and are working for your skin. That’s where beauty technology comes in. The Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift comes complete with a firming massage head to recreate a relaxing spa experience at home. With 27,000 micro-firming massages per minute, the smooth device boosts the absorption of your favourite moisturisers and serums whilst lifting the skin across the neck and décolleté.

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