Five steps to an indulgent home facial

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Five steps to an indulgent home facial

As the temperatures fluctuate our skin can be left feeling slightly neglected. Facials are an important part of maintaining a healthy complexion, especially throughout the changing seasons.

Regular facials at the spa cost on average between £60 and £150 per hourly session. Over a year, these costs can soon add up and our hectic lifestyles can often squeeze spa-time out of our schedules.

By supplementing your salon visits with home facials, you can keep your skin looking fresh and keep that pampered feeling going for longer. Moreover, you can enjoy them as a weekly treat rather than having to wait for a professional session. Simply follow these 5 simple steps to give yourself an indulgent home facial that you can enjoy time and time again from the comfort of your own home.

Gentle cleansing

Get started by cleansing your face and neck. This is a great opportunity to supercharge your skincare regime with a product that will effectively remove dirt, oil and make-up from the skin’s surface. The Clarisonic Aria offers a quick and easy solution. The patented micro-massage motion technology works with your skin’s elasticity to loosen touch dirt in just 60 seconds, cleaning your skin 6 times better than hands alone. The sonic technology rids your skin of pollutants and bacteria to leave your skin feeling softer and more refreshed. Plus, with professional salon facial cleanses costing around £40 per session, the device pays for itself in just a handful of uses.

Soft exfoliation

Traditionally you might have used an exfoliating scrub to rub away dead skin. However, this sometimes can be too harsh for more delicate or sensitive skin types. It can also be quite time consuming when you want to move on to the pampering stages of the home facial. We love the velvety feel of the NuFACE Prep-N-Glow Cleansing Cloths as they make the whole experience seem such a treat. The dual sided cloths have micro-dots to buff and fully prepare your skin. What’s more, the soft cotton material is packed full of anti-ageing ingredients. This unique formula helps improve your skin’s smoothness and brightness to give you a glowing complexion.

Refreshing Steam

This is where things get really interesting. Boost your circulation and revive your skin with the Beurer FC 72 Ionic Facial Sauna. The stylish design diffuses a fine water vapour, bringing that salon experience home with you by loosening dead skin cells attached to the surface of the skin. Adjust the nozzle to focus your treatment across your nose, neck or chest. The steam will open up your pores and bring out your skin’s natural beauty in just 7 minutes. It’s also great for your respiratory system in the run up to winter, helping you clear coughs, colds and sinus problems in an entirely natural way.

Soothing mask

Your skin type is unique and needs special attention to achieve the right balance for you. Talika Bio Enzymes Masks offer targeted treatments depending on your needs, from hydration and purifying for dry skin to brightening and anti-ageing masks to boost elasticity. The hyaluronic acid undertones nourish the skin to readdress your natural equilibrium quickly and effectively. Apply the single-use mask to your face and leave for 15 to 30 minutes, working its magic in 1/3 less time than a classic salon treatment. It’s the perfect way to maximise your relaxation session – close your eyes and listen to some calming music while you wait to feel the stresses melt away.

Deep hydration

Finish off your home facial by locking in moisture with a smoothing cream or serum. Reduce irritation, dryness and tension across your face and neck with the SQOOM xCential Acqua+ Spray. It’s an enriched vitamin water that optimises your regular moisturising products to prevent them from drying out too quickly. As it complements your regular skincare routine so well, it’s a luxe addition to your beauty bag favourites. For best results, we recommend trying with the SQOOM xCential Booster Serum. The velvety formula soaks into the pores to give your skin a smoother texture, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles after just 1 application too.

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