A Silk'n FaceTite Facial With Debbie Thomas

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A Silk'n FaceTite Facial With Debbie Thomas

When our Product Expert, Emily, was offered the chance to meet one of London’s top skincare experts, Debbie Thomas, for a unique Silk’n FaceTite facial, she jumped at the chance. An opportunity to be pampered whilst learning more about beauty tech? What could be better on a rainy Tuesday afternoon!

Debbie Thomas

Who is Debbie Thomas?
Debbie Thomas and her team of experts offer bespoke facial treatments and other targeted skin treatments for specific skin conditions at her multi-award-winning London beauty clinic. Having used cutting edge technology on her clients for eight years, Debbie was introduced to the Silk’n FaceTite last year and was instantly impressed with the combination of Radio Frequency, red LED, and infrared technology that it uses. She’s very recently returned from the Oscars where she used not one, but two FaceTite devices as part of her red carpet facial treatment and Emily was lucky enough to receive the very same treatment.

The Science Part
Debbie explained that the combination of technologies that FaceTite uses is unique and offers the user the chance to perform multiple treatments at once. The RF technology heats the skin, giving immediate glow post-treatment as the blood cells come to the surface and get busy just below the surface of the skin. Red LED and infrared then help the RF contract the elastin and collagen fibres, allowing the skin to repair itself from the inside. "The heat on your skin is quite pleasant and relaxing" commented Emily, with Debbie explaining that to have a proper treatment with optimum results, the heat of the device is essential, and the ideal temperature is 42 degrees Celsius.

How to Use a Silk'n FaceTite Facial

How To Use A Silk'n FaceTite

One of the key points about the FaceTite that Debbie was keen to get across was how easy it is to use for someone who isn’t an industry expert like herself. She said “It’s tough to do anything wrong with this device. Any amount of treatment time will improve the look of the skin over time, but I do recommend treating for 45 minutes, 3 times a week for noticeable results”. Debbie also mentioned that it is crucial for any new user to manage their expectations of what they can achieve, “I have many clients asking me if they can continue their salon treatments at home and whether home use devices work. I always tell them that the claims on these products must be clinically proven or they wouldn’t be allowed to print it on the box. So as long as you follow the exact treatment plan, there is no reason why it won’t work for you - but you just follow the plan correctly! And if your skin is in good condition, you won’t have as noticeable results as someone with more damage and wrinkles. However, using a device like the FaceTite will improve your skin health overall which is always a positive result.”

We’ll be catching up again with Debbie again in the next month, so if you have any skincare questions you’d like to put to her, please comment below.

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