Maddie's full body toning routine

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Maddie's full body toning routine

We’ve all been feeling a bit stuck in a rut at lately, as I don’t know about you, but we’re getting pretty tired of doing the same things day in, day out. This week we spoke to our Global Partnership Manager, Maddie, about how she’s been switching up her quaran(rou)tine with a full body, toning workout.

As someone who loves the gym, staying motivated to keep fit at home has definitely been a struggle. I’ve been doing home workouts but it just isn’t quite the same, so I’ve been boosting my results with a little help from Sensica’s at-home toning devices. Both the devices I’ve been using harness the power of Radio Frequency technology, to tighten, firm and even diminish cellulite.

Tone stubborn areas

I’ve been using the Sensica Sensifirm to keep my body toned throughout lockdown. The device is designed to firm and tone the body, being particularly effective on more stubborn areas like the thighs, bum, waist, stomach and arms. It’s a non-invasive treatment that also helps to tackle cellulite, tightening and firming the skin with Radio Frequency (RF) technology. It’s the ultimate body sculpting at-home device and it’s definitely been helping me to stay toned during lockdown.

Sensifirm harnesses the brand’s patented LIPOTHERM Radio Frequency technology, to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen while decreasing the number of fat cells. This type of RF technology is different to that found in other home-use devices as it’s combined with gentle vibrations, which massage the skin and create an unrivalled cellulite busting technology. This combination enhances the deep heat impact of the RF waves, increasing microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.

The electrodes on the bottom of the device that channel the Radio Frequency into the skin are spaced further apart than typical home-use devices. This allows the RF waves to penetrate much deeper into the dermal layers of the skin.

I only need to use the device once a week, which is perfect for me because it’s much less maintenance than some of the other home-use devices. Treatment times do take a little longer to complete, but I know that I only need to set this time aside once a week and it’s worth it for the results.

First of all, I make sure my skin is dry and free of any moisturisers or lotions. Then I start by applying an even layer of the Sensica Base Gel, this is included in the box so you can get started with your treatments straight away. You always need to use the Sensica Base Gel with the device, this is the only gel that has been tested for effectively conducting the Radio Frequency technology into the skin.

The device has 3 energy levels to choose from, I’d recommend starting on the lowest setting and building the heat level up over the course of treatments. After selecting a setting I place the device onto the treatment area, ensuring full contact is made with the skin. If the device is not properly placed onto the skin the RF energy and massage will not work; you’ll know the device is working when you feel a gentle vibration and the indicator light is green.

Starting with the backs of my arms, I begin to move the device in small, circular motions. If you are treating a larger surface area, like the legs, you may find you need to turn the setting up again until you feel a warm sensation. For smaller surface areas I tend to use a lower heat and find it much easier to only use 2 electrodes. This makes the treatment much easier to conduct and delivers a more targeted treatment to the area.

To treat smaller areas like the backs of the arms and the waist, treatments take around 10-15 minutes. For larger areas like the thighs and bum, treatments can take roughly 20 minutes. Initially, you’ll need to follow the recommended treatment plan which is once a week for 8 weeks. After this period you’ll then only need to complete top up treatments when your skin needs the extra cellulite busting treatment.

Don’t forget your face

I’ve been working out my face as part of my routine too using Sensilift. The device harnesses Dynamic Radio Frequency to tackle signs of ageing, lifting and tightening the complexion. Radio Frequency is my favourite for toning the face as the gentle, warm sensation is really relaxing - it reminds me of going to the salon, so it’s nice to be able to replicate the same feeling at home while I can’t go to one!

Sensilift’s Dynamic Radio Frequency combines the power of Radio Frequency technology with facial massaging. Radio Frequency is delivered into the dermal layers of the skin by the dual electrodes. This RF energy heats the skin cells and kick-starts the production of collagen. Over time, skin will become much tighter and firmer, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. The specially designed head then massages the skin as you move the device. This technique has been proven to multiply the Radio Frequency wavelengths, penetrating deeper into the skin. The device also has an intelligent built-in sensor, which constantly scans skin’s condition, adjusting the temperature to give you the most effective and personalised treatment.

The easiest way to complete the treatment is to split my face up into different sections, focusing on treating the forehead, around the eyes, smile lines area, jaw and the top two thirds of my neck.

Just as I did with the Sensifirm, I apply an even layer of the Base Gel to the treatment area. I can then select the massage intensity by pressing the massage button on the left hand side of the device. There are two massage levels to choose from, so you can adjust these depending on your personal preference.

Then I select the Radio Frequency level, there are 3 levels to choose from which can be toggled by pressing the RF button on the right hand side. I would suggest starting on the lowest level first, allowing your skin to get used to the heat and then increasing over the course of the treatments.

I then begin moving the device over my skin in small circular motions, you'll know it's working because you can feel a slightly warm sensation and the light indicates green. Treatments take around 25-30 minutes to treat the whole face. However, because of it's advanced technology I only need to complete treatments once a week, so its perfect for combining with the Sensifirm too for a full body toning workout. You'll need to complete treatments once a week for 8-10 weeks and maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks thereafter.

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