5 things you need to hear this Blue Monday

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5 things you need to hear this Blue Monday

The third Monday in January is commonly referred to as Blue Monday - a day said to be one of the most depressing in the year. Miserable weather, post-festive blues and the Christmas credit card bill can leave us all feeling a little down, struggling to find our get-up-and-go.

With the past of 2020 haunting us and another lockdown well underway, this year feels particularly difficult. So today, we’re focusing on the positives. In fact, we’re looking at what we learned during the last couple of lockdowns, and we guarantee you’ll realise you’re stronger than you thought.

Doing something is not doing nothing

2020 was the year that we realised our only hobbies were seeing friends, going to restaurants and sharing popcorn in the cinema. We were forced to find something else to do. Some chose to bake banana bread, others chose a reading challenge. We, on the other hand, decided to focus on a little me-time, using a selection of CURRENTBODY LED light therapy products to improve the look and feel of our skin, as well as reduce signs of ageing.

With nowhere to go, we could finally give our skin the attention it deserves and it’s still thanking us for it. Centred on age-old Chinese medicine techniques, this Hayo’u Beauty Restorer helps to clear tension, relax facial muscles and promote collagen production resulting in a radiant and glowing complexion. We couldn’t leave our bodies out either, so what better way to relax and soothe them than with this bamboo tapper? The best bit? Both can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own sofa.

Different doesn’t have to be bad

The world has changed, but it’s not all been negative. Sure, there’s a few aspects of our old life that we can’t wait to get back. However, there’s a few areas of lockdown living that we think should continue. We’re not sure how our boss would feel about us having a face mask on while we work though.

Without the usual morning commute, you can spend more time perfecting your beauty regime. Lunch breaks can be used for a walk or you can prepare for the afternoon’s meetings with a quick meditation session. Our skin is also, finally, getting a well-deserved detox - thanks to the fact we’re all wearing less make-up while inside.

We can be our own best company

For once in our life, there were no excuses not to focus on ourselves. We learnt that peace and quiet can be a good thing, and that happiness isn’t just found in a loud bar surrounded by friends. There’s strength from being content in your own company and spending time to work on yourself.

Mindset, ability, knowledge or appearance - there are plenty of ways we can improve ourselves. Not to mention lots of handy tools to help us out along the way. The NEWA Anti-Ageing Skincare Device uses FDA-cleared radio frequency technology to rebuild and remodel collagen fibres, resulting in tightened and uplifted skin within 1 month. Now, we just need somewhere to go…

Giving is good

Lockdown didn’t just give us time to look after ourselves though. We had more time to look at the impact of our actions on the world. From walking more to shopping local, the pandemic seemingly accelerated the sustainability agenda - and no area of our life was left untouched.

Our eating habits were made healthier, our beauty went clean and our fitness went environmentally-friendly with the likes of the LARQ Purifying Water Bottle. Not only does it self-clean twice a day, making it more hygienic than normal bottles, but it’s also a great way to reduce single-use plastics.

Better days are coming

Of course, you shouldn’t wish your life away but it is nice to think about the future. Perhaps you’ve booked that long-overdue holiday or maybe there’s a special date in the calendar for all the family to enjoy. Either way, why not start preparing for it now?

During the last lockdowns, we had Couch to 5K, squat challenges and Joe Wicks. This lockdown, you might want to focus on training yourself from within. 1 in 3 women suffer with a weak pelvic floor, and this number increases to 50% during pregnancy and after childbirth. However, by working on these muscles and performing Kegel exercises, you’ll soon witness benefits and even better intercourse. You can thank us later.

So there you have it - 5 of our favourite lessons from the last couple of lockdowns. During challenging times - like the present - it can be difficult not to get caught up on the negatives. However, only by looking back will you realise how far you’ve come, as well as how resilient you actually are. While we might not know what the future holds, we hope the above messages will at least help you get through Blue Monday.

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