Which RÉDUIT Hairpod should I choose?

by Carly Hibbins

Which RÉDUIT Hairpod should I choose?

RÉDUIT have an extensive range of Hairpod treatments with many more to follow, so we've put together the ultimate guide to help you decide which one's right for you.

RÉDUIT split their Hairpod treatments into categories - the Blue Hairpods are 'Care' treatments, designed to repair, strengthen and protect your hair. Whereas the Pink Hairpods are RÉDUIT's 'Style' range, which help you to add shine, volume or tame frizz.

These leave-on treatments can be used on damp or dry hair, are suitable for all hair types and are even gentle enough for daily use too.

Ready to discover the future of haircare? Read on to meet RÉDUIT's revolutionary Hairpods.

RÉDUIT Colour Protect

This treatment forms a protective barrier around the hair, shielding your locks from damaging environmental pollutants and UV light. Its key ingredient, Polyphenos (derived from green tea), is a powerful antioxidant that protects your hair and even stops your colour from fading.

Perfect for: Coloured hair. It’s also the ideal formula if you spend a lot of time outside exposed to UV light and aggressors that can damage hair.

RÉDUIT Volume Mist

Looking to add body and bounce to your locks? RÉDUIT Volume Mist gives your hair a lift that lasts all day long. This ultra-concentrated formula contains Polyimide-1, which is known for its ability to give hair volume and bounce.

Perfect for: flat, thin or lifeless hair that needs a little boost.

RÉDUIT Precision Conditioner

This super nourishing formula does it all in 30 seconds. Suitable for even the thickest hair types, the Precision Conditioner weightlessly repairs and renews your hair, leaving you with the softest and shiniest locks.

Key ingredient, Amodimethicone, is also perfect for controlling frizz and protecting your hair from heat too.

Perfect for: Frizzy hair, heat protection, dull hair.

This Hairpod prevents breakages and damage, strengthening your hair with its ultra-potent formula. Use this leave-in treatment on dry or damaged hair to instantly nourish and restore hair’s resilience. Say goodbye to breakages with powerful Betaine HCL, known for its abilities to strengthen and protect your hair.

Perfect for: Damaged hair, dry hair, split ends.

RÉDUIT Shine Diffusion

This treatment deeply hydrates and nourishes to transform hair from lacklustre locks to sleek, soft tresses. This formula forms a weightless, invisible film over your hair to lock in moisture and revive dull hair. You even can use this leave-in treatment to tame pesky flyaways too.

Perfect for: Dull hair, dry hair, flyaways.


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