5 things you can do wearing your Elvie Pump

by Amy Nicholson

5 things you can do wearing your Elvie Pump

Our Marketing Manager, Rachel, gives you the lowdown on all of her top tips and tricks for using your Elvie Pump. This hands-free device was designed for effortless pumping on the go, and Rachel proves that you can actually be more active when wearing it than you might've first thought.

Elvie Pump is like Ronseal, it does what it says on the tin. It's light, portable, and silent. With a 15-week old baby girl born on the brink of lockdown, breastfeeding and being able to pump was something important to me. Unbeknown to myself, I've found myself being more active whilst wearing Elvie Pump as the weeks have gone on and here are just 5 things you can do easily when wearing your Elvie Pump.

1. Walking
The ultimate hat trick in my book: Mum gets exercise, baby gets fresh air (and if you're in luck a nap which lasts more than one sleep cycle), and you're using Elvie Pump exactly what it was made for - pumping on the go.

2. Shopping
Believe it or not, you can take your Elvie Pump to the shops. And thankfully now, that's not just reserved for online shops. Whilst I've not quite strutted my stuff as Victoria Emes has, I have worn my Elvie Pump out to Sainsbury's to grab some Friday night essentials.

3. DIY
Needs must in the evenings when the baby has gone to bed. I've been able to tackle some unfinished DIY (ambitiously delegated to my husband during my 38-week nesting blitz). A word to the wise: choose the tasks that don't require too much bending or leaning like painting the upper half of a wall to ensure you don't waste any of your pumping produce.

4. Laundry
Excessive laundry and babies definitely go hand in hand and whilst we would all love to be able to sleep when the baby sleeps, the washing won't do itself. The first-morning nap is an ideal time to have a pumping session that's quick with a great yield, get the washing done, and hung to dry. #MomGoals

5. Feeding
Depending on your feeding routine or what time of the day you're pumping, Elvie Pump is perfect to be able to feed your baby and pump at the same time from wherever you want. You're not confined to a chair beside a power socket; you can enjoy some vitamin D in the garden or just chill on the sofa with your latest Netflix fix.

Happy pumping!

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