TriPollar STOP V vs TriPollar STOP: What's the difference?

by Chloe Beveridge

TriPollar STOP V vs TriPollar STOP: What's the difference?

TriPollar STOP V vs TriPollar STOP: What's the difference?

As the exclusive UK retailer of TriPollar devices and after launching the Tripollar STOP back in April 2018, we’re excited to announce the launch of the brand new STOP V device. Incorporating the brands renowned Radio Frequency technology and innovating lifting technology, the STOP V truly is an all-in-one, go to anti-ageing beauty device. We also have the STOP in a beautiful Pink colour, again, exclusive to CurrentBody. But just what are the differences between all of these devices? Read on to discover.

What Are the Differences Between the TriPollar STOP and STOP V?

The STOP V uses the same technology as the TriPollar STOP (Radio Frequency Technology) but with an additional technology called Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA). to improve muscle tone/lift and give a tighter, V shaped look to the face. DMA technology targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer of the skin. It tones and lifts the skin by using gentle muscle contractions that create a “facelifting” effect.When combined with Radio Frequency, the two technologies work together to deliver a collagen accelerating, muscle toning effect that tones, tightens and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are no other devices available that combine both of these anti-ageing technologies. You can find out more about the STOP V in our how to use blog post.

TriPollar STOP V vs TriPollar STOP: What's the difference?

What Are the Main Differences Between the White, Black and Pink STOP and the STOP V

In the new devices the high level is identical to the White and Black devices, but the lower intensity on the Pink/Stop V is an average of the White and Black's medium and low.

This change was made to simplify the user experience and due to the fact that based on TriPollar user surveys, hardly anybody used the old lowest setting.

There are 3 Main differences between the White and Black devices and the Pink/Stop V.

  1. In the White and Black devices, there are 3 Intensity levels. In the newer devices there are only 2.
  2. Power Control: In the White and Black units the power intensity is controlled by a switch on the Power supply. In the Pink/Stop V, the power levels are controlled by the multi-function button on the device itself. This is similar to how the Pose works.
  3. Buzzer: The Pink and Stop V have an audio indication that is added to the “Orange Light”. This let’s the user know when the optimal target temperature has been attained. Instead of looking in the mirror, trying to ascertain when the indication light turns on, now there is a buzzer that alerts the user, when they can move on to the next treatment area.
Watch as our product expert Heather talks you through the main differences here:

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