Introducing: CurrentBody Skin Neck and Dec Perfector

by Carly Hibbins

Introducing: CurrentBody Skin Neck and Dec Perfector

It’s no secret that the skin on your neck and decolletage is more prone to ageing than the rest of your body. But while we all follow a perfected beauty regimen for looking after the skin on our face, how many of us extend this to the area that needs it the most?

We’ve worked with leading scientists to develop the second device in our CurrentBody Skin offering - the Neck & Dec Perfector, a flexible, wearable LED device designed to rejuvenate ageing skin on your neck and decolletage.

We caught up with founder and CEO, Laurence Newman, to discuss our latest anti-ageing LED device.

Tell us about the CurrentBody Skin Neck & Dec Perfector

So this is our latest device in the CurrentBody Skin range. Many of you will already be familiar with our LED mask, but this particular device has been designed to treat the skin on the neck and decolletage - an area of the body often missed in women’s skincare routines. I think it’s going to be an absolutely brilliant addition to your anti-ageing skincare routine.

Why did you decide to develop a device specifically for the neck and decolletage?

So this is a particular problem area for a lot of women, it’s an area actually that tends to get missed in many skincare routines with women forgetting to put any product on the skin entirely. As the neck and decolletage are often exposed to the sun and the skin in this area is a lot thinner too, it’s much more susceptible to skin damage, so this device is an excellent way to treat that.

Does it really work?

LED light therapy is one of the biggest treatments in salons and clinics at the moment. As we know, unfortunately we can’t go to salons right now due to the current lockdown, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to use salon-standard technology at home.

What makes it different to other devices on the market?

There are no other devices on the market that actually treat this area of the body, unless you go under a full LED and that’s really not possible for most people. So a home-use device to treat this area, using the unparalleled combination of Red and Near-infrared light technology, is completely new to the global beauty device market.

Does it use the same technology as the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask?

Yes, it uses exactly the same technology. We’ve had amazing feedback on the CurrentBody Skin LED Mask, both from customers and experts worldwide which prompted us to develop a device using exactly the same technology. The only difference is that this one's specifically designed for treating the neck and decolletage.

The Neck & Dec Perfector is designed with the same patented silicone too, meaning that its flexible and can easily fit around the neck. It means that the treatments are comfortable and effective too and completely hands-free.

What’s next for CurrentBody Skin?

I can’t tell you what’s next... but watch this space!

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