The Beauty of Empowerment

by Chloe Beveridge

The Beauty of Empowerment

With a strong history of technological innovation, it’s no surprise that Panasonic has established an innovative beauty range too. Originally launched in South-East Asia, Panasonic Beauty aims to boost your body confidence with simple treatments that easily fit into your busy lifestyle. Each product has been specifically designed to enhance your natural glow, giving you that effortlessly groomed look.

The Beauty of Empowerment

The Power of Technology

Whether combatting dry skin or brittle hair strands, increasing the levels of the body’s moisture retention is key to the success of many beauty treatments. One of the main innovations behind Panasonic’s products is the power of ‘nanoe’ technology. Translated into a range of different products, this unique feature transforms air humidity into nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles that can be easily absorbed by the skin and increase overall hydration.

The Beauty of Empowerment

Try this technology for yourself with the Panasonic EH-XS01 Facial Steamer. This streamlined device opens up your pores to deeply hydrate and gradually rejuvenate your skin. The nano particles increase your skin’s moisture levels by 130%, stimulating your natural production of collagen to leave your skin feeling smoother and suppler. In just 8 weeks, nano-ionic steam therapy can reduce wrinkle depth by up to 19%. Moreover, regularly integrated steam therapy into your daily skincare routine will open up your pores and boost your facial cleansing regime too.

Discover our full Panasonic range here.

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