I tried the CurrentBody skincare range. Here’s what I thought...

by Carly Hibbins

I tried the CurrentBody skincare range. Here’s what I thought...

If you struggle with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, finding a suitable skincare regime that works for you can be difficult. Not to mention the fact that trying out new products can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be that way and, with our very own CURRENTBODY skin range, we prove it.

Designed to increase the results and complement your anti-ageing and LED devices, our skincare products are also effective when used on their own. From daily tonic and hyaluronic acid to face masks and foaming cleansers, our products are suitable for all skin types and help to prep, protect and repair your skin.

Of course, we understand that you probably want to hear about real results. So we spoke to our valued customer, Denise, to see what she thinks of the range.

Tell us a little bit about your skin, and previous regime.

Before using CURRENTBODY skin, my favourite brands were Clinique, Clarins, Sarah Chapman and Pixi Beauty. My skin is very sensitive and I suffer with eczema. As such, I usually know immediately whether a product is going to be a good fit or not. I’m also extremely sensitive to fragrance. Personally, I don’t like to wet my face daily as this can trigger my symptoms so I prefer to use cleansers that don’t require you to rinse the product off.

How did you incorporate CURRENTBODY skincare products into your routine?

I began by using the CURRENTBODY skin Foaming Cleanser and CURRENTBODY skin Daily AHA Tonic. Then I started to use the CURRENTBODY skin Hyaluronic Acid Serum, day and night. Afterwards, I used my own moisturiser and any other serums that I felt were necessary. I know that you should cleanse and then use hyaluronic acid, before toning. However, for my skin, this seems counterintuitive. With this in mind, I use the acid serum after the tonic and then moisturise. They all work really well with other beauty products. I’ve used them alongside more targeted serums and moisturisers, as well as my FOREO BEAR Facial Toning Device.

What were your initial thoughts?

All 3 absorbed quickly into my skin. They smell divine too. Think light, delicate, citrus notes. As well as this, I instantly loved the overall look, and glass bottle, of the hyaluronic serum. Not only is it classy but I like the fact that it’s more environmentally friendly - and easier to recycle. As I become more conscious of my shopping habits, I do question packaging so it was nice to see this.

How did you feel afterwards?

The cleanser and tonic were big hits with my skin. Both were gentle enough that I could use them daily and didn’t strip my skin of its natural oils. After use, my face was ready to absorb any additional products, and felt moisturised. I’d go as far to say that my skin loves the products, and I enjoyed using them too.

Will you buy the products again?

Definitely - which shows just how good they are. I may even swap the current microcurrent gels that I use for the CURRENTBODY skin Radio Frequency Gel. Despite not wanting to wet my face every day - due to eczema - the cleanser has a place on my bathroom shelf. I’d love to see a non-rinse cleanser as well as a moisturiser or skin oil in the same range.

How was your overall CURRENTBODY experience?

Very positive. I’m looking forward to buying more CURRENTBODY skin products in the future including the Clarifying Face Mask and the Hydrogel Face Mask. I think everyone could benefit from these products - even those who don’t have any skin concerns or younger people without ageing concerns.

Looking to update your skincare range with a selection of products suitable for all skin types? From removing impurities and refining pores to smoothing and deeply cleansing your complexion, there’s a product for you. So if you want to improve your daily skincare routine, shop the collection now.

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