Oxygen Facials: Everything You Need To Know

by Chloe Beveridge

Oxygen Facials: Everything You Need To Know

It’s a weird premise, but turns out, spraying a highly-concentrated stream of oxygen molecules to the skin’s epidermis can make it glow – a lot. The oxygen facial, typically done in a salon, helps to nourish skin and promotes collagen growth.

Oxygen Facials: Everything You Need To Know

They take up to an hour in a salon and are very costly, but now you can take oxygen facials into our own hands with a selection of at-home devices, to get the same results in much less time. The technique is favoured by celebs, most recently Olivia Coleman, for her glow at the Oscars. It's even claimed Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and (shocker) Kim Kardashian also all own and travel with their own oxygen machines. Read on to discover how oxygen facials work and the devices you can use at-home to save you time and money.

What is an Oxygen Facial?

This treatment is designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth. It involves a machine that is used for spraying highly concentrated molecules of oxygen right into your epidermis (the outer layer of your skin). The oxygen that’s applied to your face and neck is infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts. Celebrities, including Madonna, swear by this technique for smoother and plumper skin.

What About the Results?

This glowy effect does actually last as long as it says on the tin (up to six days). With no post-treatment downtime, you could do the oxygen facial at home before a big day – wedding, date, taking a new LinkedIn pic. The glow shall come to you, and stay put.

Which At-Home Devices Can Use For an Oxygen Facial?


Oxygen Facial

KOZHYA AIR works to deliver micro-particles of an Active Serum deep into your skin with a pressurised skincare atomiser. Aiming to correct existing skin conditions, protect healthy skin and prevent future damage, its natural ingredients work at the deep levels of your skin.

Its touch-free application means that the serum isn’t left sitting on your fingers or in the palms of your hands, but is applied directly onto your skin. You get zero wastage of the ingredients as well as getting a hygienic application.

Perfect for use in the morning or evening with a 2/3 minute treatment, KOZHYA AIR is ideal to add into any routine.


Geneo Personal

Oxygen Facial

Using the much adorned technology, Oxygenation, this innovative device literally transforms your skin from the inside out using nature’s ultimate gift - oxygen. Now, you can experience an oxygen facial in the comfort of your own home with the TriPollar Geneo Personal Facial Device Kit.

A treatment usually only found in salons, real Oxygenation usually only happens when oxygen reaches the skin cells from ‘inside’ the body. The device does not put oxygen on or in your skin, but works by creating a layer of Co2 bubbles on your face. This causes the body to release oxygen to the skin cells, increasing blood flow to the tiny vessels, encouraging the skin rejuvenation process and leaving skin glowing and radiant.

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Have you ever had an oxygenation facial or tried an at-home device? Let us know the results below.

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