Myth or Reality? The Clarisonic Purging Period

by Chloe Beveridge

Myth or Reality? The Clarisonic Purging Period

One of the most common gripes we hear about the Clarisonic is the dreaded purging period – when your once clear and dewy skin becomes temporarily plagued with breakouts. Some believe this is simply a myth; but the reality is it's just a temporary breakout that typically occurs within the first month of starting a new skincare regime. For anyone who may be experiencing a skin purge – or if you’re on the fence about joining team Clarisonic for this exact reason – fear not, as Emily has a few top tips to make sure your skin stays perfectly polished and blemish-free.

1. Don’t apply too much pressure

The Clarisonic is designed to gently open the pores and remove all the nasties, without the need to apply pressure. Make sure you allow the Clarisonic brush head to glide over your skin in a gentle circular motion, and follow the T-Timer so you know when to move on to the next section.

2. Stay on the lowest setting

For the first two to three weeks of using your Clarisonic, you should stick to the lowest possible speed while your skin adjusts to the new levels of clean! The Aria, Mia 2 and Plus all have multiple speed settings.

3. Avoid over-use

We would recommend using your Clarisonic device once a day during this the first few weeks, and maybe even as little as four times a week to begin with.

4. Listen to your skin

Be aware that you may have been due a breakout anyway, and the Clarisonic simply brought it on sooner than anticipated as it draws out all of the nasties trapped in the pores. When you switch to cleansing with a Clarisonic device, your skin will be six times cleaner than manual brushing, and the debris in your pores has to go somewhere! CurrentBody - The Clarisonic Purging PeriodYou should notice an improvement with continued use, but listen to your skin, and respond to its needs. Also be aware of the cleanser you’re using with it, as this can sometimes be the culprit.

5. Keep the brush head clean

Make sure you give the brush head a good scrub after every use, particularly if you’ve used it to removed makeup – otherwise you’ll just be putting the bacteria back on your face next time you use it. If you’re in the shower, Emily recommends a squeeze of shampoo to clean the brush bristles, and if you’re by the sink, a small amount of anti-bacterial hand soap should do the trick. And one final point! Speaking from personal experience, try not to touch your face too much in those first few weeks of cleansing – this will be tricky, as your skin will be refreshed and touchably smooth, but I’m fairly certain this is what contributed to my purging period.
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