JOVS Mini vs. JOVS Venus Pro

by Carly Hibbins

JOVS Mini vs. JOVS Venus Pro

If you’re shopping for a powerful and convenient home hair removal device, JOVS is a solid choice. The JOVS Mini and the JOVS Venus Pro both offer sensational hair removal.

But what are the differences? When comparing JOVS Mini vs. JOVS Venus Pro, which laser hair removal machine is best? We’ll highlight the key differences between the two JOVS devices so you can make the ideal choice for your hair removal needs.


The JOVS Venus Pro is slightly cheaper than the JOVS Mini. And that’s largely due to the added features of the Venus Pro. Both devices use HIPL (high-intensity pulsed light) to remove hair at the root and kill the follicles to stop it from growing back. And they both have a light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy treatment head for anti-ageing.

At the most basic level, they work in the same way. But the JOVS Venus Pro has more attachments and skin-cooling technology for more comfortable treatments. If you’re deciding based on cost alone, the Mini is less expensive.


The JOVS Mini is a cordless HIPL hair removal device. It has 6 power settings and 3 body modes to get even stubborn hair. Plus, do your anti-ageing treatments on the go. With the additional skincare head, enjoy light therapy sessions which trigger the body’s healing response for plump, firm skin.

If you need a portable device, choose the JOVS Mini over the JOVS Venus Pro.


For the most bespoke treatments, the JOVS Venus Pro is the obvious choice. It has 6 different heads so you can have the perfect attachment for each body treatment area. The Independent noted, “Other great features that are worth noting include the 180° rotating head that makes it comfortable, easy and [foolproof] when removing hair from those hard-to-reach spots.”

Just pop on the right head, position it where you need HIPL hair removal and click to kill unwanted hairs on the face, arm, bikini, leg and underarms. Or use the skincare head for targeted anti-ageing anywhere on the body.


One trade-off between the JOVS Mini and the JOVS Venus Pro is the skin-cooling technology of the larger device. The JOVS Venus Pro actually has built-in refrigeration that keeps your skin at 5°C while the device is zapping your hair. This means you can have more intense and high-powered sessions without feeling a thing.

If comfort is your main concern, the JOVS Venus Pro offers totally pain-free HIPL hair removal.


The JOVS Mini has an innovative blue LED light charging base that removes more than 99% of bacteria while the device is charging. That means you’ll have a fresh, sterile surface for every single portable treatment with no need to manually clean your HIPL device.

If you want the convenience of self-cleaning, the JOVS Mini HIPL hair removal device is the easy choice.

Have other burning questions we’ve not answered here about the differences between the JOVS Mini vs. JOVS Venus Pro? Talk to our helpful team of Beauty Device Experts now.

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