Introducing the NuFACE FIX

by Chloe Beveridge

Introducing the NuFACE FIX

Introducing the NuFACE FIX

NuFACE FIX is a skin firming, smoothing, and tightening Microcurrent Skincare duo that instantly targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead in just 3 minutes. The NuFACE FIX Device provides gentle NuFACE microcurrent energy to instantly firm, smooth, and tighten the look of skin. The addictive NuFACE FIX Serum, the first ionic Microcurrent Skincare formula, is supercharged with active beauty ingredients that help smooth, tighten, and brighten skin.

Suitable for all skin types and perfect for anyone who wants to address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, NuFACE FIX has strong clinical research results. 97% of women said their skin felt instantly tighter around the eyes 95% of women said their eyes appeared less puffy 92% of women said their treatment area felt instantly firmer

Introducing the NuFACE FIX

Can you use any other serums?

The NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Serum is the first ever Microcurrent Skincare formula, supercharged with active beauty ingredients that help smooth, brighten, and tighten skin, while locking in essential moisture to awaken tired eyes, revive dull skin, and restore radiance–even over makeup! Supercharged with active beauty ingredients, FIX Line Smoothing Serum is an ionized formula infused with our Pūre Energy blend. It recharges skin with bursts of energy, while the cutting-edge Smart Peptide System targets the look of expression lines for smoother, younger-looking skin. To get the most out of your NuFACE FIX, we recommend using this serum.

Can you use an eye cream?

You can use an eye cream post treatment, however to get the most out of your NuFACE FIX, we recommend using the NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Serum. The NuFACE FIX Serum on another level to the original NuFACE Gel Primer. The Serum contains a pure energy blend of actives and is a specially formulated to effectively deliver bursts of energy to the skin during treatment or throughout the day. Using the FIX Serum is the best way to get the desired results.

Can you use the normal gel primer with NuFACE FIX?

Yes, however it's not recommended. The new Microcurrent skincare line, FIX, was developed utilising both device and serum. The serum contains a pure energy blend of actives. This contributes heavily to the NuFACE promise to deliver satisfactory results.

How does the power differ from the NuFACE Trinity?

The diagram below shows how deep the Microcurrents reach in the layers of your skin when using the NuFACE Trinity/Mini, ELE Attachment and NuFACE FIX. The FIX has an output of 200 microamps vs 335 microamps in the Mini and Trinity. The FIX targets the dermis, the ELE reaches the facial muscles and the Trinity/Mini reach further still.

Introducing the NuFACE FIX

What's the difference between the ELE Attachment and the FIX?

The ELE Attachment provides a deeper, more advanced treatment to address smile lines or provide the perfect arched brow. Whereas the fIX serves as a quick fix to instantly firm, smooth and tighten the appearance of wrinkles in just three minutes. Both the Trinity ELE Attachment and the FIX target fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

Can you use the FIX serum with the ELE attachment?

Yes. In fact it may enhance results.

Why are there no different strength levels to choose from?

The product was developed to provide the optimum amount of Microcurrent to deliver the NuFACE promise. When used with the new FIX Serum, you’ll experience firming, smoothing and tightening of the skin.

Still not convinced? Let these before and after images help you make a decision:

Introducing the NuFACE FIXIntroducing the NuFACE FIXIntroducing the NuFACE FIX

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