Introducing: FOREO BEAR

by Carly Hibbins

Introducing: FOREO BEAR

The Swedish brand famous for their revolutionary LUNA cleansing devices are back with the next generation of anti-ageing. We’re so excited to introduce you to FOREO BEAR and FOREO BEAR mini, the brand’s debut microcurrent device.

Designed to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, the device harnesses the power of microcurrent to switch up your skincare routine and give your face an incredible toning workout.

How does it work?

FOREO BEAR and BEAR mini devices use two microcurrent spheres to channel microcurrent energy directly into the skin for a tighter, more toned complexion. BEAR achieves results with 5 intensities per each 3-minute treatment and offers a more comprehensive approach to facial toning. BEAR mini focuses on targeting smaller areas at 3 intensities with its smaller spheres, that perfectly fit all the crevices of your face.

The low-voltage electrical microcurrent is combined with gentle transdermal pulsations to tighten & firm your skin, for a youthful, contoured complexion, taking facial fitness to a whole new level.

What makes BEAR special?

BEAR and BEAR mini boast an innovative Anti-Shock system™ designed to continuously scan your skin, measuring skin’s resistance to electricity and adjusting the microcurrent based on your skin’s needs. This ensures maximum safety and comfort throughout the course of your treatment, meaning you don’t have to worry about overstimulation.

Both devices have smart app-connectivity, syncing up to the FOREO For You app. You can store your preferences and even select pre-programmed routines. Select from a wide range of microcurrent intensities and even be guided through your entire facial fitness routine - it’s like having your very own personal trainer!

Do I have to use the device with a serum?

Yes, you should always use the device with FOREO Serum Serum Serum. It’s been carefully formulated to be specifically used with designated FOREO devices. This youth-preserving serum effectively and safely transfers microcurrent from the device to the skin, ensuring optimal conductivity and results. It’s nourishing and hydrating formula helps to also give skin a radiant boost.

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