How much is laser hair removal?

by Carly Hibbins

How much is laser hair removal?

As more and more of us look at the ways in which we can permanently reduce our hair regrowth and regular shaving routine, we decided to answer a few of your questions on what laser hair removal is, how much it costs and how you can remove unwanted body hair at home.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatments work by emitting a single wavelength of pure light, consisting of a single colour and form. This results in concentrated energy seeking out the pigment in your skin, targeting the base of your hair follicle and stunting hair regrowth.

You’ll need a few treatments to see permanent hair reduction, but over time you’ll only need top-up treatments to keep your skin hair-free.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser treatments can take longer to carry out due to the single laser beam used to target the hair follicle, but many do report longer-lasting results from laser treatments. This means you’ll need fewer top-up treatments to maintain your results.

Laser hair removal is good for treating more localised and stubborn areas of hair, as the energy is delivered in a smaller beam and concentrates on a smaller surface area.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Being one of the strongest hair removal treatments, it can come at a hefty cost. It’s recommended that for the best results you complete a course of 6-9 treatments. The cost depends on the area of the body being treated and the number of treatments needed, but single treatments average at around £150.

What about at-home laser hair removal devices?

We understand that in-salon laser hair removal treatments are out of a lot of people’s budgets, it can start to become expensive when you’re looking to treat multiple areas of the body. The at-home alternative is IPL hair removal devices, as there are few at-home laser hair removal devices on the market.

Home-use devices are a cheaper alternative to in-salon treatments as most devices come with unlimited flashes of light, meaning you're equipped with a lifetime of IPL treatments.

IPL is a highly effective way to permanently reduce hair regrowth, with many people seeing results in as little as 4 weeks. Plus with some IPL devices you can go for 4-8 weeks between your top-up treatments - get ready to say goodbye to your daily shaving routine.

The best at-home IPL devices

This nifty little IPL device completes a full body treatment in just 10 minutes. Plus with 1 energy mode and 1 effective treatment mode, SmoothSkin Bare+ gives you hassle-free IPL treatments from the comfort of your own home.

The strongest IPL device on the market, SmoothSkin Pure is the crème de la crème of IPL devices. This device is the closest to in-salon hair removal treatments, boasting 14 energy settings that are tailored to your skin type, plus 3 treatment modes, including a Gentle Mode for treating sensitive areas.

Silk’n have crafted their own IPL technology which is world-renowned. Their eHPL technology combines Home Pulsed Light (HPL) with Galvanic and Optical Energy to target the root of the hair follicle. Because the device harnesses this combination, it’s suitable for use on all hair colours except for grey/white and all skin type unlike other home-use IPL devices.

Sensica’s device uses the brand’s own Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL), which builds on the concept of IPL technology, but is an extra element that makes your treatments safer and more comfortable. You can select your own energy levels or let the device scan your skin tone and adjust itself accordingly. It’s cordless too so you can easily carry out your treatments anytime and anywhere.

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