Dermawand, Does it Work, Does it Hurt?

by Chloe Beveridge

Dermawand, Does it Work, Does it Hurt?

Dermawand, Does it Work, Does it Hurt?

Embrace younger looking skin with the salon-standard DermaWand Anti-Ageing Beauty Tool. Using a combination of thermal energy and radio frequency, this clinically-proven device gently stimulates and rejuvenates the skin to accelerate the effectiveness of facial toning exercises. Delivering up to 100,000 pulses per second across 9 intensity levels, the device boosts circulation, delivers enriched oxygen therapy and brings vital nutrients to the surface of your skin. The result? An even skin tone with reduced wrinkles and pores in as little as 12 weeks.

Does it Work?

Yes! The instant stimulation and massage from the device bathes the skin in enriched oxygen helping it to appear toned and tightened. If you don't believe us, just check out the results of DermaWand founder below, who only used the device on one side of her face for 12 weeks. Plus, we're so confident that you'll get results you'll love with your Dermawand from the first use that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Dermawand, Does it Work, Does it Hurt?

Does it Hurt?

In a word, no. The device comes with 9 different intensity levels so you can adapt it to your preferred comfort level. The device is pain free, although you may feel a slight tingling sensation as the intensity increases. However, this generally subsides with continued use and once you're used to the feeling.

How to Use DermaWand

Step 1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying the DermaVital Preface Treatment across the surface of your skin.

Step 2. Turn the DermaWand to setting 1 and place the bulb directly on your skin. You will begin to feel a gentle tingling sensation. Continue to increase the intensity as feels most comfortable to use.

Step 3. Sweep the DermaWand over your entire neck and face, simultaneously completing the facial lifting exercises at the same time.

For best results, we recommend completing your DermaWand 3-minute treatment twice daily.

Follow this step by step video to guide you through your first treatment.

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