4 things you didn't know about the menopause

by Amy Nicholson

4 things you didn't know about the menopause

Menopause. It's something that affects millions of women every day but is seldom talked about.

Today is World Menopause Day, raising awareness for people who are going through this season. We spoke to Joylux (creators of vSculpt) to bust some myths and share some key facts on this pivotal stage in life.

1. 6,000 women start the menopause each day

That's over 2 million people each year in the US alone! According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG), over time life expectancy has risen but the average menopause age hasn't changed for centuries. That means that today, women are living as much as half of their lives post-menopause.

2. 27 million working women experience the menopause each year

Approximately 20% of the US workforce is quietly coping with menopause symptoms, such as headaches, hot flashes and severe insomnia at work each day.

3. Menopause can start as early as age 35

The average age for starting the menopause is 51 years old. However, the surprising truth is that women can experience the symptoms up to 15 years before they officially enter the menopause. This is called perimenopause and it's a very real condition.

4. Menopause is NOT a bad thing

"When you know what your symptoms are and how to deal with them, it becomes much easier to see menopause for what it really is - an exciting time of personal growth, unparalleled freedom and sky-high confidence like you've never experienced." - Dr. Sarah de la Torre, Gynacologist

A recent study by Refinery29 and AARP states that 61% of women believe that they are beautiful at any age. Many people notice that the pressures of child rearing, body shame and other people's opinions melt away when they reach the menopause. It's a time to feel calm, confident and proud of what they've accomplished as women.

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