Why your skin will love dermaplaning

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Why your skin will love dermaplaning

Dermaplaning has grown in popularity over the last few years, with everyone from makeup artists to beauty influencers talking about it. Non-invasive, pain-free and with immediate effects, this exfoliating treatment has become one of the most-loved in the beauty industry.

It works by lightly removing dead skin cells, impurities and vellus hair - the thin layer of hair commonly found on your face - resulting in a smoother and brighter appearance. There are plenty of reasons why dermaplaning is good for your skin and, here, we’ll even recommend a tool that means you don’t have to wait for beauty salons to open again to benefit from it.

It instantly brightens your complexion

One of the biggest benefits of dermaplaning is the effect it has on your skin. Dead skin cells and vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz, can leave your appearance looking dull, tired and lacklustre. As well as this, pores can become blocked with oils, fake tan and makeup. Dermaplaning helps to remove all of this, safely, giving your complexion an instant boost.

Removing dead skin cells also promotes the growth of healthy new cells, making it a great rejuvenation treatment for uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Without all of those impurities, it’s also an effective treatment for fighting acne.

It’s pain-free and quick

No pain, no gain? Think again. Dermaplaning is non-invasive and completely painless. It’s suitable for all ages, skin types and skin concerns - even those suffering from breakouts and sensitivity. While strong enough to remove the top layer of skin, it’s a very gentle and safe procedure with no downtime. You don’t need to worry about your hair growing back faster or thicker either as it’s been clinically proven that it won’t. In short, dermaplaning is a very easy addition to your beauty regime and is ideal for topping up between treatments.

It complements other procedures

Dermaplaning works well alongside other beauty treatments including microneedling, LED therapy and microdermabrasion. In fact, it can help to boost the results of these procedures. By removing dead skin cells, your skincare products will be absorbed better, penetrating deeper and having improved long-lasting results.

It’ll boost your makeup application

Struggling with your foundation? Makeup just not sitting right? Without a build up of dead skin cells and peach fuzz, you’ll find that your makeup will go on much smoother. Not just that but it will stay on for longer, giving you a flawless complexion whatever time of day.

Introducing DERMAFLASH

Created by a woman, for all women, DERMAFLASH has a whole host of devices that deliver salon-quality results in the safety and privacy of your own home. Regardless of age, skin tone or type, their tools instantly reveal your best skin and a glowing complexion.

Designed to be delicate on skin, the DERMAFLASH ONE is ideal for those new to dermaplaning. Gently exfoliating away dull skin, peach fuzz and residue build up, your skin will be left feeling silky smooth. There’s also the DERMAFLASH LUXE, an anti-ageing, exfoliation and peach fuzz removal device. Powered by Sonic Edge Technology and boasting two speeds, you can choose between gentle or enhanced settings to customise your treatment.

Both devices are easy-to-use - you simply have to glide it across your face. 100% of users report instantly radiant skin and 90% saw an improvement in the texture and tone. In just 4 weeks, fine lines and wrinkles are also significantly reduced.

Recommended by leading beauty experts and dermatologists, this must-have tool gives you smoother skin in a matter of minutes, so what are you waiting for? Shop DERMAFLASH now.

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