Why pelvic floor exercises should be your priority

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Why pelvic floor exercises should be your priority

From incontinence to intimacy, there are a few topics that many of us shy away from when it comes to talking. But we want to at least get you thinking about it. You see, urinary incontinence is a common issue for women of all ages and whilst you might find it really embarrassing, there’s a simple solution that means you don’t need to endure it.

Pelvic floor exercise is the process of repeatedly contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles - those that surround your bladder. Carrying out these exercises regularly, for even just a few minutes, is said to stop incontinence in up to 70% of cases. Plus, there’s a few other benefits. So if you want to transform your life, read on to discover how you can get to the core of your problems - and we’ll even recommend one of our favourite devices to help you out.

Better bladder control

Your bladder - along with other pelvic organs such as your uterus, rectum and small intestine - is surrounded by a layer of muscles. When weakened, they aren’t able to contract when needed to, resulting in those pesky accidents.

If you’re suffering, you’re not alone. 1 in 3 women face the same issues. A weak pelvic floor can be caused by childbirth, ageing or the menopause - as well as high-impact sport, weight gain and even a lack of fitness. As with any other muscle in the body, with a little exercise, your pelvic floor can be strengthened though.

Faster postnatal recovery

During labour, pelvic floor muscles can be weakened and put under immense stress. Even during pregnancy, the weight of carrying a baby can weaken the same muscles. Without treatment, this can lead to serious health conditions such as prolapse.

It’s no surprise then that the number of women suffering actually increases to 80% in new and expectant mums. Therefore, both during pregnancy and afterwards is a great time to carry out regular pelvic floor training. It’s recommended that you speak with your doctor before using any internal devices though.

Enhanced intimacy

Weak pelvic floor muscles can also affect another area of your life. Put simply, stronger muscles will make the experience more pleasurable and stop any pain. Not just that but these muscles also help with sensations so they’re pretty important.

Whether your pelvic floor has been weakened because of age, childbirth or something else, regularly performing dedicated exercises can enhance things in the bedroom - and rekindle that intimacy.

Introducing the Elvie Trainer

Whatever your age or stage of lifestyle, pelvic floor exercises can be hugely beneficial. It’s for this reason that Elvie created their very own Elvie Trainer to improve the lives of women. The award-winning device is ideal for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, and transforming the way you feel about yourself.

Inserted like a tampon, the device connects to an app on your smartphone. You’ll then be guided through a series of 5-minute workouts as your movements are tracked. Even incorrect contractions are detected using biofeedback.

More effective than standard kegel exercises, the Elvie Trainer is small, discreet and 98% of women find it comfortable. It’s also recommended by over 1,000 health professionals as an expert way to strengthen your pelvic floor. So if you’re looking to transform your life, shop the Elvie Trainer today and get to the core of your problems.

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